Parents Of Oxford Shooting

Parents of Oxford Shooting Victims Sue School For Involuntary Manslaughter and Terrorism

The parents of Ethan Crumbley, the alleged shooter at Oxford High School in Nov. 2021, have been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. They also face terrorism charges.

Prosecutors allege that Crumbley was not only aware of the risks of gun violence, but he also knew how to handle the weapon. In addition, prosecutors say that the family knew the teen had access to an unsecure weapon in the home. However, the couple didn’t take action to keep it out of reach.

Prosecutors have accused the parents of providing an unsafe means of obtaining a firearm and neglecting their son. The parents allegedly neglected to tell school staff that their teenage son had been searching for ammunition online. It was also alleged that the parents failed to secure the handgun that was used in the shooting. This is a charge that carries a maximum of 15 years in prison.

Prosecutors claim that James and Jennifer Crumbley failed to secure the handgun that was used. They allegedly taught their son how to use a handgun and failed to intervene when he was confronted with disturbing drawings. Their failure to act has led to several lawsuits against the school. These lawsuits are filed on behalf of the families of the four victims of the shooting, as well as teachers and other staff members.

While the lawsuit names several different parties, it specifically names the dean of students and two superintendents as being partially responsible for the shooter’s actions. The lawsuit also says that the school did not provide adequate safety for the students.

The alleged shooter was a sophomore at Oxford High School. He walked down a curved hallway and shot his classmates. He allegedly took a SIG Sauer pistol out of his backpack and fired. The school subsequently closed, due to a “breathtaking amount of caution.” But some residents in the area don’t want to put the blame on the gun.

A teacher at the school said that the teen was looking for ammunition on his cell phone during class. He later told officials that he had taken a picture of the drawing. An officer later searched the area. Several witnesses were interviewed.

When a forensic psychologist was asked about how mass shooters form, he said that a shooting doesn’t just happen suddenly. The shooter builds up towards violence over time. Ultimately, the court will decide whether the parents’ negligence merits a jail sentence.

The suspect’s parents were arrested and charged with a slew of felonies shortly after the shooting. They are currently being held in a commercial building in Detroit. Although their bond is set at $500,000 each, the family is seeking to have their bond lowered to $100,000.

The couple had been scheduled to be arraigned on Friday. But the judge granted the prosecutor more time to gather evidence against them. During the preliminary exam, prosecutors will present evidence against the parents. Ultimately, the judge will decide whether the case has enough evidence to send the Crumbleys to trial for involuntary manslaughter.

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