Patrick Madrid Net Worth

Patrick Madrid is an internationally recognized Catholic author, radio host and apologist. His show on Relevant Radio can be found weekdays from 9-noon ET discussing current events and modern culture. Over his extensive career he has conducted thousands of English and Spanish apologetics seminars at parishes, conferences and universities worldwide.

Early Life and Education

Patrick Madrid grew up in Southern California in a Catholic household. His father worked on ships while his mother cared for their home.

He is an author and radio host widely recognized for his expertise in Catholic apologetics. A regular speaker at Franciscan University of Steubenville’s “Defending the Faith” summer apologetics conferences, and has participated in debates with Protestant or other non-Catholic spokespeople, he is considered an authority on his subject matter.

Patrick Madrid hosts a three-hour Relevant Radio program called The Patrick Madrid Show that airs daily across more than 150 AM and FM stations nationwide. In addition, he teaches apologetics at Holy Apostles College and Seminary as well as Saint Patrick’s Seminary and University in Menlo Park, California. Together with his wife he has 11 children and 12 grandchildren.

Professional Career

Patrick Madrid has established himself as one of the world’s most successful personalities through hard work and perseverance, becoming an inspiration to millions worldwide.

He currently hosts The Patrick Madrid Show on Immaculate Heart Radio from 9-12 noon ET each day, covering current affairs and culture in modern society. Additionally, he conducts various apologetics seminars in both English and Spanish at parishes, conferences, universities, parishes, etc throughout North America, Latin America and Asia.

He is a popular speaker on various topics and has held debates with Protestant and Mormon leaders. Additionally, he has written numerous Catholic books and contributed numerous articles to Catholic and Protestant publications alike. Additionally, he is often present at Franciscan University of Steubenville’s annual “Defending the Faith” summer apologetics conference.

Achievement and Honors

Patrick Madrid is an acclaimed Catholic author, radio host, and speaker who is popular worldwide. He has won multiple awards and honors for his apologetics work.

Patrick Madrid hosts The Patrick Madrid Show on Relevant Radio each Monday from 9 am to noon ET, discussing current events, modern culture, apologetics and various “God topics.” In addition, he has led thousands of apologetics seminars both English and Spanish in parishes, conferences and universities throughout North America, Latin America, Europe Asia Australia New Zealand.

Christendom College recently awarded him with the Pro Deo et Patria award for his service to both God and country.

Personal Life

Patrick Madrid has had an arduous journey. It required great effort and devotion for him to reach where he is today: as an award-winning celebrity who has amassed an extensive number of achievements over his lifetime.

Patrick Madrid, a Catholic author and radio show host of Relevant Radio’s Patrick Madrid Show (weekdays 9 am-noon ET), addresses current events, modern culture, apologetics and more. Additionally he has conducted thousands of apologetics seminars – both English and Spanish- at parishes, conferences and universities throughout North America, Latin America, Asia and Australia.

Nancy is his wife, and together they have 11 children; six of which have married and are raising families themselves. Their family abides by Catholic beliefs and lives in Southern California.

Net Worth

Patrick Madrid has amassed considerable wealth through his professional endeavors; yet, he prefers living a modest lifestyle.

Author and evangelist Scott Hahn is well known for his work in Catholic apologetics. He has presented dynamic seminars on Catholic themes at parishes, conferences, universities, and schools around the world; at least twelve formal public debates between himself and Protestant or Mormon representatives took place between 2004-2016 alone.

He hosts the daily Patrick Madrid Show on Relevant Radio (Mon-Fri, 9am-12pm ET), discussing modern culture and various “God topics” with callers. This program can be heard on over 150 AM/FM stations across America as well as Sirius XM satellite radio and shortwave worldwide. His books include Life Lessons: Why Be Catholic? and Surprised by Truth series.

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