Peter Palandjian Net Worth

Peter Palandjian is an American businessman serving as CEO of Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation – founded by his father Petros in 1959 – while also sitting on several non-profit boards.

He is married with three children – Madelon, Margot, and Petros – whom he shares. Prior to this relationship with actress Eliza Dushku.

Early Life and Education

Peter Palandjian was born February 12 in Boston, Massachusetts USA and is both a businessman and former professional tennis player. Currently serving as CEO for Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation he has earned millions through this venture and become an influential person worldwide.

Phillips Academy Andover served as his initial education source, followed by Harvard University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree. Later he attended Harvard Business School to obtain his MBA.

Phillip was their first child from their 2018 marriage; Manon, Petros, Margot and Madelon also came from their previous union with Marie Louise Minou.

Professional Career

He has accomplished much throughout his career and is a successful businessman. He has amassed vast sums through both his profession and former tennis career.

Phillips Academy Andover and then Harvard University for his varsity tennis career before attending Harvard Business School to earn an MBA degree.

After retiring from tennis, Palandjian began work at Bain & Company as an associate for two years before moving on to become CEO of Staples while simultaneously earning his MBA. Later that same year he was appointed CEO of Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation which had been founded by his father in 1959.

He is married to American actress Eliza Dushku and they share two children, Phillip and Bodan, together. Together, they lead an enjoyable life together. Phillip stands out as being attractive with charming features and sparkling eyes – two hallmarks of beauty for men!

Achievement and Honors

Peter Palandjian is not only an accomplished tennis player but also an astute businessperson, earning significant wealth as CEO of Intercontinetional Real Estate Corporation – an organization founded by his father.

Apart from his primary business endeavor, he has also pursued other entrepreneurial ventures including e-loan, an online mortgage provider. Additionally, his latest project involves building a nine-story Seattle life sciences tower.

He is currently dating American actress and producer Eliza Dushku and got married to her in August 2018; together they welcomed son Bourne into their lives. Additionally, he had three daughters from his previous marriage with Marie-Louise ‘Minou’ Palandjian: Manon, Margot, and Madelon. Rather than flaunt his wealth publicly he prefers living a simple lifestyle alongside his family; possessing charming personality traits and stunning brown eyes to boot!

Personal Life

Peter Palandjian was born February 12 in Boston Massachusetts to Sheila Kelly and Petros A. Palandjian. After attending Phillips Academy Andover for his early schooling years, he went on to Harvard University, where he enjoyed an outstanding varsity career – twice captaining his team and competing in NCAA singles and doubles championships as captain and competitor in singles championships respectively – earning himself an undergraduate degree in English and American Literature.

After his tennis career ended in 1982, he worked at Bain & Company for two years and then served as assistant to Staples CEO before going back to school for an MBA degree. Today he serves as CEO for Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation which was started by his father back in 1959.

Eliza Dushku is best known for her role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They share one son named Philip. They live together.

Net Worth

Peter Palandjian boasts an astounding net worth of $6 billion thanks to his career as both an entrepreneur and former tennis player. Today he serves as CEO for Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation.

Eliza Dushku, known for her role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, gave birth to Bourne on 12 February 1964 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America. They currently share custody.

He is an attractive young man with striking features, captivating brown eyes, and fair skin. Standing at 6 feet 2 inches and weighing around 85 kg he prefers not being in the spotlight of media scrutiny; yet has succeeded in maintaining an upstanding public and personal life image.

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