Phalon Daniels

Phalon Daniels, 18, of Dundy County-Stratton, passed away on August 8, 2016

Riverdale mounted an comeback on their next possession with a rushing touchdown by Junior Phalon Daniels to reduce their deficit to 28-13. Whitewater then responded with two scoring drives featuring Roland and Hunter Williams’ two more touchdown runs that netted two more rushing scores each.

Daniels, an Armed Career Criminal who has been found guilty of drug trafficking, aggravated assault and multiple firearm and driving under the influence offenses, is known for being violent and has committed multiple offenses throughout his criminal career.

Early Life and Education

At birth to eight years of age, children experience rapid brain development. If children receive comprehensive early childhood education and care during these formative years, it can provide them with a strong foundation for health, learning, social-emotional success and economic productivity later in life.

Research on this relationship is robust, demonstrating lasting consequences that affect wellbeing throughout life. Unfortunately, the United States struggles with many indicators of poor health and social-emotional well-being in early years such as infant mortality rates and an inadequate supply of high quality pre-k education programs.

Professional Career

Phalen Daniels made an impactful senior season on defense and special teams for Dundy County-Stratton as an all-around contributor, making two tackles in secondary football and blocking his first punt. Additionally, Daniels participated in community service activities like Nebraska Football Road Race participation and local hospital visits, Dundy County-Stratton track team membership and local hospital visits as a member. On August 8, 2016, Phalen was found guilty of possessing weapons by felons and sentenced to 180 months of incarceration to be followed by five years of supervised release.

Personal Life

Daniel Walker leaves behind to honor his memory a loving mother; Patricia Walker; father; Terrell Triplett both from Waynesboro, Georgia, as well as two cherished sisters: Tykia J Walker and Tykia Walker-Honesti. Honesti Walker and Zahir Walker both reside with Courtney Way and her family; Allie Van Walker was one of his aunts along with Teresa (Tony) Walker and Martha Kirkland; as well as fellow church member Phillip Grove Baptist Church where he also donated time in volunteering his services during Nebraska Football Road Race as hospital visits. He was active member at Phillip Grove Baptist Church as well as volunteering his services at Nebraska Football Road Race and hospital visits he donated time volunteering his services with local hospital visits as part of Phillip Grove Baptist Church membership.

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