Philthy Rich Net Worth

Philthy Rich has made an indelible mark on the music industry with his impressive rap performances. As a result, RBC Records and eOne Music awarded him with contracts in 2013.

He generates revenue through album, merchandise and live concert sales as well as through owning SCMMLLC record label that has signed several talented artists.

Early Life and Education

Philthy Rich has cemented himself a place for himself in the music industry with his unique style and lyrical prowess, garnering him a significant following and earning him great fortune over time.

He has worked with musicians like Kevin Gates and Mozzy. Furthermore, he owns FOD Records record label. Additionally, he has contributed significantly to helping his community through various charitable endeavors.

Philthy Rich was born January 30th 1984 in Oakland California. He is best known for his rapping career and charitable endeavors; making a fortune through music sales, performances, business ventures, investments in real estate as well as investing in it himself. With an avid following worldwide he hails from there.

Professional Career

Philthy Rich is an influential American rapper known for his groundbreaking rap career that has won him millions of fans and his own record label. At 40, Rich has also amassed an impressive portfolio through various business ventures.

His music speaks of street life’s trials and realities, garnering him widespread acclaim in hip-hop circles. He has worked alongside Fabolous and Trae the Truth among other artists.

Philthy Rich generates most of his income through licensing fees charged from music companies and record labels for his rap albums and live performances, clothing line sales revenue and real estate investments. Through financial discipline and smart investment strategies he has amassed significant wealth.

Achievement and Honors

Philthy Rich has become renowned for his powerful music that often depicts street life struggles. His emotive lyrics and passionate delivery have won him many fans across hip hop’s wide spectrum; further enhancing his standing within this music genre. Philthy has collaborated with notable artists, solidifying his presence within hip hop culture.

He brings his powerful presence and hefty frame to stage performances, where he keeps pace with fast-paced beats. An Aquarian, he is highly creative and free-spirited – qualities which have allowed him to reinvent himself without jeopardizing his core values or authenticity.

He primarily generates income through the sales of his rap albums and mixtapes. Additionally, he invests in various entrepreneurial ventures; Fod (Function On The Low) allows him to generate additional revenues through music distribution activities as well as sales of signed artist records.

Personal Life

Philthy Rich has amassed his fortune through various avenues. These include music sales, tour earnings, merchandise sales and collaborations with other artists. Furthermore, Philthy has invested in real estate properties to diversify his portfolio and ensure financial security.

He is an impressive individual who has faced and overcome countless difficulties throughout his life. His story of perseverance and success speaks volumes for his talent and work ethic, not to mention philanthropy work such as organizing charity events or providing support for underprivileged youth.

Philthy Rich is married and the proud parent of three children, whom he enjoys spending time with while traveling the globe and engaging in various sports activities and sipping great coffee. Additionally, he often travels across cities for concerts or shows.

Net Worth

Philthy Rich is an accomplished artist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist renowned for his hard work and perseverance. His success serves as an example to other aspiring artists alike and stands as proof that hard work pays off in life.

He has collaborated with some of the most acclaimed musicians, while simultaneously building his brand through strategic marketing efforts. Furthermore, his business portfolio features investments in real estate properties.

He is also the founder of FOD (Function On The Low), which generates income through signed artists and related label activities, such as collaborations or features on other artists’ tracks. Funk or Die, Trip’n 4 Life, Loyalty B4 Royalty and Neighborhood Supastar have been successful studio albums released under his label; his fan base and music industry reputation continue to expand rapidly.

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