Premium Jack

Premium Jack – A Blissful, Clear-Healed Creativity and Uplifting Euphoria

Premium Jack is an irresistibly stimulating sativa strain designed to provide blissful creativity and upbeat euphoria, originally created in the ’90s by Sensi Seeds to honor cannabis activist Jack Herer.

Premium Jack is a hybrid created by crossing Haze with Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk strains; 55% of its strain is sativa-dominant while 45% indica.

Early Life and Education

Jack Horner was born with dyslexia, but that hasn’t stopped him from succeeding as an archaeologist and paleontologist. His most notable discovery was finding fossils of Maiasaura dinosaurs which helped demonstrate that these prehistoric reptiles provided parental care for their offspring – something which represented a breakthrough in scientific circles.

At one point he taught high school science before co-founding Bang Energy, an organic energy drink company. Furthermore, he is an advocate of diversity within business – co-founding The Nearest and Jack Advancement Initiative in 2020, an organization dedicated to supporting Black-owned enterprises.

This initiative helps BIPOC entrepreneurs connect, find distributors and expand their businesses – aiding over 300,000 people during the COVID-19 pandemic alone!

Professional Career

Premium Jack is an exceptional cannabis strain, offering a tranquil and clear-headed experience to its smokers. Professional smokers appreciate it as it reduces nausea, increases appetite and fosters creativity – as well as being beneficial in recovering from chemotherapy or eating disorders. New and veteran growers alike find cultivating this sativa hybrid relatively resistant to disease while flourishing outdoors; reaching heights up to two meters with sufficient space.

Personal Life

Jack Herer was known for his hard work ethic and tireless advocacy of cannabis reform, yet tragically died after suffering a heart attack at an event in Oregon in 2000. His legacy will forever live on within the cannabis community.

Premium Jack is an energetic Sativa strain with citrus pine needle, earthy spice and peppery herbal musk aromas and flavors, providing cerebral creativity as well as uplifting euphoria with energy boosting focus.

Stress relieving and helping with nausea reduction. For optimal results it should be consumed in small doses; smoking large quantities could result in side effects like dizziness or paranoia.

Net Worth

Jack is an expert travel hacking ninja who has found some incredible flight deals. Through his Flight Club service, people can save on airfare by receiving deal alerts – this service is free to join, however premium subscribers receive four times as many deals each week!

Jack provides premium subscriptions as well as maintaining an active social media presence where he posts updates and pictures of his adventures, garnering over one million followers on Instagram alone! In addition, his podcast Darknet Diaries explores the darker aspects of technology.

Premium Jack is an easy strain for both novice and experienced growers to cultivate, being an Sativa hybrid that thrives when given enough room and sunlight.

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