Princess Diana Wedding Dress Doll

The Princess Diana Wedding Dress Doll

The Princess Diana Wedding Dress Doll is a beautiful piece of bisque porcelain that has an interestingly lifelike sculpt and a remarkably realistic finish. It is a full size 18 inch tall doll. She is in fine fettle and can be displayed atop a shelf or mantle.

Her wedding dress was actually inspired by a dress worn by her great-great-great-grandmother. In fact, her bridal gown was such a work of art that it required a specially crafted carriage to transport it from her family home in Kent to the church of St. Paul’s in London. When she reached her destination, the gown was crushed in the ghastly process.

In addition to the aforementioned dress, her other major contributions to the family’s wardrobe include her sapphire engagement ring and a pair of diamond drop earrings from her mother. These items may be hard to find nowadays, but not when they are on display as the latest additions to the Princess Diana collection. Unlike her older siblings, she is a staunch feminist and has never shied away from voicing her opinions on the state of the union.

While the Danbury Mint version is available to a select few, the more prestigious company has been distributing figurines of the late Princess of Wales since her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981. With the help of a hefty marketing budget, they’ve compiled a veritable gold mine of a Princess Diana collection. Among the goodies are several dolls worthy of their illustrious predecessor. They were also able to benefit from the recent surge in interest in the aforementioned royal.

The Princess Diana Wedding Dress Doll is arguably the most impressive of the lot, but it isn’t the only one. Some of the company’s other noteworthy offerings include a set of a dozen replica diamond drop earrings and a series of replica diamond engagement ring necklaces, the latter of which are a worthy addition to any Princess Diana fan’s collection. This is a well-made item that can be enjoyed by all, not just the ladies in the know.

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