Pull Jack

What Is a Pull Jack?

Jacks are an effective solution for loading and transporting pallets, either manually or electronically.

Before jacking up your car, ensure the ground it is standing on is stable – for instance a concrete driveway or garage would make for better support than dirt patches. Also use jack stands to support it as you work underneath.

Early Life and Education

Early LIFE is a non-profit organization offering an array of educational programs including traditional child care, home and community-based pre-K, Head Start and Universal Pre-K. Their mission is to offer quality experiences for young children both center-based and home-based environments within New York City; with special consideration given to vulnerable children and families; their Early Childhood Education program features rigorous research with proven results for each program offered.

Net Worth

Net worth measures the total value of an individual’s financial assets minus his or her liabilities such as mortgages, loans and credit facilities that deplete resources. It serves as a snapshot of one’s overall financial status and can show whether they qualify for certain loans or investments or how ready they are for major life milestones like retirement. Not necessarily income determines one’s net worth – rather spending and savings habits do.

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