Purple Red Carpet Dresses

Purple Red Carpet Dresses

Purple red carpet dresses are all the rage these days. A few notable mentions include Halle Bailey and Jessica Chastain. Both ladies donned purple in varying degrees of formality. The latter’s custom LVDF gown was the dress of the night.

A number of other names have followed suit. Nicole Byer, Lily James, Tracee Ellis Ross, and the likes have adorned the purple hue. But which are the best? Fortunately, NewYorkDress.com has got you covered. We’ve got the scoop on the newest and most fashionable looks in town, so you can bet that your big day is in good hands. Whether you’re looking for an alluring cocktail dress or a more understated evening ensemble, we’ll have your style on lock.

There’s a reason why this purple powerhouse is the queen of the red carpet. Her outfit may be old hat by today’s standards, but that doesn’t mean she can’t put a new spin on a classic. One of her recent standouts features a waist high slit and an unabashedly feminine frock. Those oh-so-pretty tidbits are a reminder that a lot can be accomplished with a little thought and a lot of ingenuity.

It’s hard to deny that the purple dress in question is a work of art. From its edgy swoop to its ruffled hem to its structured shoulders, the outfit oozes glam. And while you’re at it, take the time to admire its dazzling array of jewels. In the end, you’re guaranteed to walk away with a little sparkle of your own.

For the sake of this post, I’ll limit myself to the purple gown in question, though I did spot a number of other notable purple gowns in the same ballpark. That being said, here are the hottest of the bunch: the ones that caught my eye. If you’re in the market for an alluring dress or a more understated evening attire, visit us at NewYorkDress.com and take the guesswork out of your next big event.

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