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Josh Hartnett Movies

Personal Life

Josh Hartnett was on his way up when Hollywood started courting him and offering blockbuster roles. Media attention fawned over him and fan mail was pouring in, yet Hartnett refused to become just another pretty face and moved back to Minnesota where he pursued art and theater work before returning to film via Guy Ritchie who asked him to fill an injured actor’s spot in Wrath of Man; although the movie bombed, Hartnett learned from it all that fame is fleeting while regret is forever.

Net Worth

Net worth is defined as an estimate of an individual’s financial assets minus their outstanding liabilities, such as loans and mortgages. Other non-financial assets that contribute to an individual’s net worth may also include their car, jewelry and personal possessions – contributing to his total worth estimate. Josh Hartnett has had many film roles over his career; including appearances on “Cracker,” “The Faculty,” as well as films like 30 Days of Night”, Pearl Harbor”, O” and Black Hawk Down – receiving Teen Choice Award nominations each time for these roles!

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