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How to Know If You’re Jacking Up a Car

When jacking up a car, it’s vitally important that the process be conducted correctly in order to avoid damage to either the vehicle itself or those working underneath it. Therefore, reading the owner’s manual or seeking professional assistance are both highly recommended.

Make sure to block the tires with bricks or metal wheel chocks in order to stop your vehicle from rolling while jacked up and prevent undue strain on the jack. This will minimize unnecessary strain.

Net Worth

A person’s net worth is an accurate reflection of his financial condition, showing all assets subtracted from debts. Assets could include cash in checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit and investments such as stocks and bonds. Non-cash assets might include the value of his home or vehicle or important pieces such as artwork.

To calculate net worth, first list all your assets – which could include investment and retirement accounts as well as real estate that could be sold for cash – before subtracting your debts, such as credit card, student and mortgage balances. Increasing your net worth can be done through purchases with increased values or through efforts to pay down existing ones; knowing your net worth helps set goals for the future.

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