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A Little-Known Fact About Rachel Hawes

The incident that struck Michigan resident Rachel Hawes in August of last year was a tragic event. She was seriously injured after a piece of metal fell from the Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster at Cedar Point.

According to a release from the Ohio Department of Agriculture, the piece of metal was about the size of a man’s hand and was a “l-shaped bracket”. This is the kind of bracket that is attached to the back of a train car and typically hovers over the track. When the piece fell from the ride, it hit Hawes in the head.

Thankfully, Hawes survived the incident. She was later transferred to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Detroit. But she remained in critical condition on Monday. It was later learned that the Ohio Department of Agriculture had cleared Cedar Point of any wrongdoing in the accident.

In the weeks following the incident, the woman’s family released a statement saying she was fighting for her life. They also put up a Facebook page. However, they have not been very forthcoming in announcing their daughter’s current status.

A little known fact is that a one page initial incident report was released by the Michigan state police. They identified the victim as Hawes of Swartz Creek. At the time of the incident, she was waiting in line for the ride.

However, according to the ODA, the top Thrill Dragster roller coaster was not open for rides until late May. After that, it was closed for the season. Although the amusement park was cleared of any legal wrongdoing, the ride will not be returning for another season.

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Despite the lack of official updates from the Hawes family, many people are still wondering what happened to the woman who died on April 16. The story seems to be going around and round. One article in the Akron Beacon Journal said the piece of metal that hit Hawes was the “miracle of the millennium.” Another reported that the L-shaped bracket is the most notable of the items that happened.

According to the media, the top Thrill Dragster rollercoaster was one of the fastest in the world. It was designed to be able to boost speeds from zero to 120 mph in less than four seconds. In addition to its speed, the towering strata coaster was the only strata coaster in the world.

A corresponding story in the Cleveland newspaper reports that the state has ruled the L-shaped bracket is a technological feat. An investigation into the incident has found that a bolt was loose and half of it was dislodged.

Finally, a piece of metal that weighed in at just under a kilo was also the “Miracle of the Millennium”. Though it was not as big as the metal bracket that crashed into Hawes’ head, the small item was a nice touch.

Despite the lack of official updates from Rachel’s family, many people are still wondering what happens next. Hopefully, the family will provide more information soon.

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