Riah Thomas

Riah Thomas – One Year Ago

On this date a year ago, 2-year-old Riah Thomas was killed and her grandmother injured when someone opened fire into their Oklahoma City home during the night as they lay sleeping. Oklahoma City police investigators worked relentlessly in pursuit of justice for Riah and her grandmother.

Riah’s marriage stands out amongst all of this season’s trial marriages as being most unusual; her partner James boasts an intriguing past.

Early Life and Education

Riah Thomas was born May 18, 1946 in Vicksburg, Mississippi to Hosie and Willie Ree (Walton) Thomas. She attended Holt High School before going on to earn a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan. Riah leaves behind two sisters and three brothers as well as numerous nephews, nieces, cousins, and friends who miss her dearly.

After one year of investigating Riah Thomas’ murder and her grandmother’s injury from an unknown shooter who shot into their northwest Oklahoma City home, police announced today they have made two arrests: Brenton Parker and Muhammed Sanders are being charged with first degree murder.

Personal Life

Riah may be one of the sweetest cast members on this season of The Ultimatum, yet she’s often subject to harsh criticism by the rest of the cast members for anything from her hairstyle and makeup choices to how she stands on certain issues. They constantly scrutinize everything about Riah from her clothing choices to stance on certain subjects – and are constantly being judged themselves!

Riah met James after picking Brian as her future husband, and they immediately hit it off during a drunken card game, bonding over their similar upbringings and exchanging ideas about foreplay.

Although their backgrounds differ, both share the goal of building a secure foundation for their future family. They enjoy growing and learning from one another which makes their relationship an excellent match despite opposition from others in their cast. However, others have an issue with this choice as evidenced by disagreement from members of both casts regarding it.

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