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Rich LeTourneau – A Look at Richard LeTourneau’s Net Worth

RG LeTourneau was well known for his innovations in earth moving equipment as well as generous Christian philanthropy. He established a private Christian college and conference grounds, believing that God came first and all other matters would follow suit.

Last week, some 110,000 union autoworkers at General Motors plants across the nation and Fort Wayne workers authorized a strike by voting to authorize it.

Early Life and Education

LeTourneau was known for producing much of the earthmoving equipment used during World War II and generously gave his time and money towards spreading Christianity.

Letourneau met Vili Fualaau in 1991 while living in Seattle’s poor neighborhoods. She quickly developed a friendship with him by taking him to piano lessons and purchasing art supplies for him; their bond formed almost instantaneously.

An affair cost her her job, marriage and custody of four children. Although sentenced to seven and a half years of incarceration by Judge Linda Lau, only 80 days were actually served due to proper treatment from both sex-offender counseling services and medication for bipolar disorder.

Professional Career

Richard Letourneau is the shop chairman for UAW Local 2209 in Fort Wayne, Indiana and dealers he works with consider him invaluable in their fight with General Motors (GM) over pickup sales. He’s assisted multiple dealers track down vehicles manufactured at their Fort Wayne assembly plant which produces light-duty trucks – without seeking recognition or praise – simply doing his job well.

His warm personality has earned him the name “Richie” among many in town, while Tom Kelley of a Chevrolet and GMC dealership describes LeTourneau as his friend, partner in community activities and secret weapon in truck wars. Additionally, Tom Kelley describes LeTourneau as being a fan of Pittsburgh Penguins as well as having once played in both Albany-Colonie (AHL) and Wilkes-Barre Scranton (NHL), though now retired from playing.

Achievement and Honors

Letourneau was an acknowledged leader of the lay faith and work movement and gave away 90% of his income to charity during his life. He was an active public speaker for Christian & Missionary Alliance church services, leader within Gideons International, and member of Christian Business Men’s Committee – his success being attributable to hard work but his humble approach allowed him to transcend his modest beginnings and attain greatness.

At its 2020 Annual Meeting, TCA presented him with its Ned and Genie Lifetime Achievement Award for his years of service on the Region D Water Planning Group – twice serving as chair. His tireless efforts in fighting off construction of Marvin Nichols Reservoir helped preserve East Texas’ natural resources.

Personal Life

God has blessed LeTourneau with wealth, but he uses it wisely for God’s glory. He donates 90% of his profits to the LeTourneau Foundation which funds Christian missions around the globe. Additionally, he founded LeTourneau Technical Institute which serves as a hands-on training center offering various forms of instruction.

Letourneau used her time in prison productively by tutoring other inmates, recording books for blind people, and singing in a choir. However, she violated the terms of her sentence by continuing her contact with Fualaau; sending over 20 letters that were sold by Fualaau to tabloid newspapers.

This relationship sparked national discussion over whether it was love or rape. Treatment experts noted that sexual offenders often present their relationships as romantic. Both Mary Kay Letourneau and Fualaau insisted theirs was solely romantic.

Net Worth

Calculating your net worth involves starting by taking stock of what you own – such as cash, retirement accounts, investments and cars – before subtracting what you owe such as credit card debt or student loans.

Mary Kay Letourneau was a former teacher who was imprisoned for having sexual relations with Vili Fualaau, her 13-year-old pupil. Upon being released from incarceration she was ordered not to contact Vili; however a month into parole she broke this rule and was arrested for child rape, leading her and her husband apart since that time.

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