Rich Lindberg

Rich Lindberg is an accomplished cybersecurity professional with a range of diverse skills. Currently working as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for JAMS, where he provides security leadership and develops programs aligned with business goals.

He has written several books covering various aspects of Chicago history, such as politics, sports, and ethnicity. Additionally, his works have been showcased on several television and radio programs.

Early Life and Education

Lindberg is the past President of the Society of Midland Authors. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in history from Northeastern Illinois University and has written about city history, politics, criminal justice issues, sports and ethnicity for more than three decades.

His work has been featured on many popular television and radio programs, such as History’s Mysteries, Cities of the Underworld, Mobsters and American Justice. Furthermore, he has frequently appeared as a guest on Milt Rosenberg’s thought-provoking Extension 720 radio program.

Charles August Lindberg was born in Sweden and immigrated with his family as an adult to Minnesota. After attending and graduating from University of Michigan Law School, he opened a law practice in Melrose Minnesota while also acting as county attorney.

Professional Career

Lindberg has become a prolific professional writer over time, publishing 15 captivating volumes that explore Chicago’s socio-cultural fabric in various forms – encompassing topics like sports, politics, ethnicity and urban crime. These volumes stand testament to his skill and dedication.

He has extensive experience as both a security executive and consultant. With proven expertise in security consulting and strategic finance leadership roles, as well as technical execution, consultation, presentation, and leadership abilities.

He has an outstanding track record in managing projects that create tangible business value while staying within time and budget. He possesses extensive knowledge in software development best practices as well as agile methodologies, having worked directly with C-level executives on several major corporate initiatives including due diligence for multi-billion dollar M&A deals.

Achievement and Honors

Lindberg made a significant impactful contribution to medical informatics at the University of Missouri, creating innovative computer applications and expert systems like CONSIDER (an early differential diagnostic program) as well as creating criteria tables containing knowledge representation and reasoning criteria that enabled AI/Rheum diagnostic expert system in Rheumatology to be constructed.

Lindberg has long been an ardent proponent of medical informatics, working tirelessly to secure adequate resources from Congress to further its national agenda. He has served on various review and advisory committees at the National Library of Medicine as well as written extensively about book writing and publishing industry practices for readers to gain an insider’s insight.

Personal Life

Lindberg is an active father and husband who also enjoys photography, the outdoors, raising tropical fish for sale on Ebay and bowling. Additionally, he belongs to Norco Sportsmen Club as an avid New England sports fan.

He is also an accomplished author, having written fifteen previous books covering Chicago history, politics, sports, crime and ethnicity – many of them available through Amazon Kindle – while being featured on various media outlets (History Channel among them).

Lindberg weaves memoir, immigrant history and Chicago history together in The Whiskey Breakfast. He explores his life as an immigrant from Sweden during Chicago’s “Baby Boom.” Caught between customs of his homeland and society’s expectations of him he kept his relationship with Brigitte Hesshaimer secret until her death in 1974.

Net Worth

Lindberg is well-known for his success and achievements in the music industry, garnering many prestigious awards throughout his long tenure in it. A highly renowned trombon player, his fame has only grown exponentially over time.

His wealth has also been manifested in his charitable donations to various causes and organizations, including cancer research, arts education and veterans affairs.

He’s made some controversial decisions in the past, which he later apologized for. He’s been involved in lawsuits over his businesses – some he won and lost; his investments and insurance companies were heavily criticized; as were allegations of fraud, bribery and other violations; while some policyholders received refunds; however more legal proceedings remain against him.

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