Richard Chamberlain Net Worth

Richard Chamberlain is an American actor best known for his portrayal of Dr. Kildare on NBC television drama series. Additionally, he has made numerous movies and released several albums as well as writing his memoir.

Born to Elsa Winnifred Benzon and Charles Axiom Chamberlain of Beverly Hills, California. He has an older brother named Bill.

Early Life and Education

Richard Chamberlain was born in Beverly Hills on March 31, 1934 as the second son to Elsa Winnifred and Charles Axiom Chamberlain and boasts both English and German ancestry. After attending Beverly Hills High School he went on to Pomona College for further studies.

After playing Dr. Kildare on TV, he began performing summer stock theater roles before making his Broadway debut co-starring with Priscilla Lopez in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1966; it closed after four previews.

At 69, he came out openly gay in 2003 through his autobiography Shattered Love. Initially dating actor Wesley Eure in the 70s before meeting Martin Rabbett a writer and producer later. Together they reside in Hawaii.

Professional Career

Richard Chamberlain has been an accomplished actor for more than six decades and shows no signs of slowing down or retiring anytime soon. His hard work and dedication should serve as a source of inspiration to younger actors today.

Co-founding of the Company of Angels theater company in Los Angeles. At Pomona College he studied drawing and art history before earning an arts degree. Shortly thereafter he was drafted into the Army and spent 16 months serving in Korea.

His breakthrough came in 1961 when he was cast as Dr. Kildare on the NBC/MGM television series Riverboat – becoming one of only five actors ever cast for every episode! Additionally, his performances won over audiences during three TV miniseries: Thorn Birds, Shogun, and Centennial.

Achievement and Honors

Richard Chamberlain is an established veteran in the acting world. Known as ‘King of Miniseries,’ for his frequent appearances on popular television series and films. Chamberlain first gained widespread attention for playing Dr. James Kildare on NBC medical drama Mercy which helped make him a teen idol.

He has appeared in multiple other television series, such as The Woman I Love and Shogun, as well as taking on several classical stage roles.

He has made five Broadway appearances and played challenging acting roles, including that of Lord Byron from Lady Caroline Lamb (1973) and Tchaikovsky in The Music Lovers (1970). Furthermore, he is an advocate for LGBTQ community issues using his platform to raise awareness and acceptance.

Personal Life

Richard Chamberlain has an impressive list of achievements spanning more than a decade, winning many prestigious awards including three Golden Globe Awards and an Emmy nomination; also receiving accolades from Australian Film Institute among others.

Co-founding Los Angeles theater group Company of Angels and making his television debut with guest appearances on Gunsmoke, Mr. Lucky, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Riverboat in the 1950s were his initial forays into television acting – earning him the moniker as “King of Miniseries”.

He has recorded several pop songs. His debut album was released in 1962 under his Dr. Kildare persona. He practices Christianity religion and has one brother named William Hayes Chamberlain. Despite reaching an age of 86 years, he still acts and still records songs today!

Net Worth

Richard Chamberlain has amassed an estimated net worth of $25 Million through his work as an actor. His appearances include The Count of Monte Cristo, Island Son, Shogun, and The Thorn Birds television mini-series.

He is an openly gay man and has had various relationships over time, starting with Wesley Eure in the 1970s before starting dating Martin Rabbett in 1977 – moving in together in Hawaii and even having their own private commitment ceremony before later parting ways and declaring they were better as friends than lovers.

He lives in Maui, Hawaii in a 6,000-square foot oceanfront home where he loves painting, creating mobiles, writing haikus and spending time with close friends.

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