Rikki Henry

Rikki Henry, Writer and Director

Rikki Henry, an offensive tackle who spent most of 2017-18 season on injured reserve, has impressed Chiefs coach Andy Reid with his hard work during training camp. Henry hopes to build upon the progress he made as a rookie player.

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Early Life and Education

Rikki Henry traveled from London last year to Paris as part of the Jerwood Assistant Director scheme in order to assist veteran director Peter Brook with The Suit rehearsals on a Jerwood Assistant Director scheme, anticipating little more than an introduction to French theatre life. But rehearsals soon proved much more valuable – providing Rikki with the chance to witness one of today’s great living directors at work!

Nicholas Monu will make history this winter at Vienna’s Landestheater Niederosterreich when he takes to the stage as Ira Aldridge did nearly 170 years ago, becoming only the second Black actor ever to play Othello at this theatre country, still struggling to overcome its racism-based history of blackface theater productions.

Professional Career

Rikki Henry began his directing career in London where he studied at both the University for Creative Arts and Brit School. Subsequently he became Jerwood Assistant Director at Young Vic Theatre under Rufus Norris and Peter Brook.

His work has also been shown at London’s Old Red Lion Theatre and Bush Theatre, and he was awarded with the Genesis Future Directors Award.

Rikki is currently working on a new album with Hurt and has gone through several lineup changes with them to find their perfect combination. They have already received some amazing reviews as a testament to their hard work; in addition, they will soon release a single for everyone’s enjoyment!

Achievement and Honors

Rikki Henry has earned multiple accolades for her writing and directing work. She co-wrote and directed Mo’Nique starrer “Blackbird”, which won multiple awards at international film festivals as well as Atlanta Out on Film Audience Award and Barcelona LGTIB Diversity Award.

He has written and directed 28 plays over the past decade for performance at Theatre Royal Stratford East and Bush Theatre, London.

He has also served as stage director at Londoner Young Vic theater and Theatre des Bouffes du Nord in Paris under Peter Brook, winning the Genesis Future Directors Award in 2015 for staging Strindberg’s Glaubiger at Bush Theatre.

Personal Life

Henry was an enthusiastic big game hunter, trapper and woodsman with an avid passion for scouting; serving as Scoutmaster for his local troop. Henry amassed an extensive collection of buck horns from all his successful hunting trips.

Henry has set an impressive precedent by staging “Othello” in Austria where theater artists of color are rare. Nicholas Monu, playing Moor of Venice is just the second black actor ever cast at Landestheater Niederosterreich after over 170 years!

Rikki Henry expected that when he traveled to Paris as part of the Young Vic’s Jerwood Assistant Director scheme, he would watch a production by Peter Brook that would provide valuable experience in French theater – but instead found so much more.

Net worth

At present, Henry lives and works in California as a sports analyst for ESPN. His sports experience includes stints with both NFL and CFL leagues.

He owns several assets that contribute to his net worth, such as his home, cars, investments and social media following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

To calculate your net worth, subtract all liabilities from all assets. It’s essential to prioritize income-producing assets like rental real estate, dividend-paying stocks, or running a successful business – investing in these types of investments can provide passive income that supplement retirement or investment portfolios; investing can also lead to financial independence and freedom.

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