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Who Is Rob Dyrdek?

If you like your reality TV to be both hilarious and wildly entertaining, then Rob Dyrdek may be the perfect guy to watch. A pro skateboarder who’s also an actor, entrepreneur, and producer, Dyrdek has starred in a plethora of reality shows. He’s also a co-founder of the bourbon company Black Feather Whiskey. And he’s the host of the podcast Build with Rob.

In the past, Dyrdek hosted MTV shows such as Rob & Big. He and his best friend, Christopher “Big Black” Boykin, starred in the show’s three seasons, which aired from 2006 to 2012. The show is a buddy comedy. Their cameras follow them around the pair’s Hollywood mansion.

During the show’s run, Dyrdek designed numerous shoes for DC Shoes. He was the face of the brand. However, he stopped designing shoes after three years. Despite his success, Dyrdek decided to pursue a less demanding path.

Since Dyrdek’s days on reality television, he’s stepped back from the spotlight. As a result, he’s started working on other projects. One of these ventures is a virtual reality content platform called Ultracast. This is a project that Dyrdek is particularly passionate about. It’s aimed at creating immersive experiences.

Dyrdek has also ventured into the realm of snack food. He’s worked with a company called Outstanding Foods, which sells plant-based snacks. Another project involves his involvement with a supplement brand called Momentous. Some of the brands Dyrdek is involved with include Rolex, Pepsi, and Hublot.

In addition to his role on the shows, Dyrdek is also a co-founder of Black Feather Whiskey, a bourbon brand currently available in California and Texas. He has plans to expand sales operations to other states in the near future.

He’s a member of the Universal Life Church, where he’s ordained. Before his marriage to longtime girlfriend Bryiana Noelle Flores, he was a self-proclaimed bachelor. After the couple announced their engagement in April 2015, he snuck around behind the scenes to propose to Flores.

Dyrdek has a long history of trying to find balance between his personal life and professional one. He’s even owned up to 13 horses at once. But he’s found that he prefers to keep a stronger boundary between his personal and professional lives.

When he’s not working on the ventures that he co-owns, Dyrdek has his own show: Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. His sister’s wedding was also featured on the show. Throughout his career, Dyrdek has broken 27 world records. He’s also been a beauty pageant judge.

Dyrdek also hosts a podcast, Build with Rob, which is based on the popular show Ridiculousness. He’s also a producer for the series, as well as its spinoff, Ridiculousness With Sterling Brim. Dyrdek is a former professional skateboarder, and he began his professional career when he was 16. While he’s primarily known for his reality shows, he has a knack for launching products that catch on with the public.

He also has interests in vitamins and virtual reality. As a result, he spends most of his time in a venture studio.

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