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At a time when preppy murders had become all too frequent in New York City, Jennifer Levin’s half-naked body being discovered in Central Park made a shockwave of shockwaves and outrage across the city. Chambers was quickly identified as her killer after having spent time together at Dorrian’s Red Hand restaurant where they both were socializing together prior to her murder.

Chambers was known for his drug use as a young person. After being found guilty of operating a cocaine operation out of his apartment, he currently serves 19 years at Wende Correctional Facility with an anticipated release date in 2024.

Early Life and Education

Following a difficult childhood of financial struggle, Chambers found work as a bookseller alongside his elder brother William. By 1832 they had established a publishing firm providing popularized accounts of Victorian science and culture to Victorian Britain.

His mother, Phyllis Shanley, worked tirelessly as a nurse and used her earnings to pay Chambers’ private school tuition on the Upper East Side. Unfortunately, Chambers became involved in drug use and theft and was kicked out of several schools due to these behaviors.

Chambers was making efforts to turn his life around before murdering Levin. He was in recovery and had the support of both a girlfriend and family members. According to friends, Chambers was set on attending Columbia this fall as well as finding steady work; but his murder of Levin changed everything.

Professional Career

Chambers was not from an elite New York family, yet still enjoyed many advantages of its society. He attended Saint David’s School, Choate-Rosemary Hall and York Preparatory School on scholarship.

Chambers had recently spoken out to friends that he desired a change in life, despite past drug abuse and poor grades; these admirers believed he was starting on this path of improvement.

Robert was an outstanding early writer. His prolific output included 72 novels and numerous short stories that are still studied today by scholars like James A. Secord at Cambridge and Sondra Miles Cooney in the United States; they even inspired other authors such as H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton!

Achievement and Honors

Robert Chambers is an esteemed novelist and has developed an admirable following over time, which has resulted in significant book sales and royalties for him.

He was recognized with a fellowship from the New York Academy of Medicine for his writings which have had a tremendous influence on many authors such as H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton and Tod Robbins.

Chambers was recognized in 2022 by the Chambers High Net Worth guide as one of Nevada’s premier attorneys. McDonald Carano has also been awarded as a Band 1 firm for Private Wealth Law since 2014. Furthermore, in addition to his legal achievements – Chambers has received many honors and awards outside of legal practice such as being named lifetime member of the American Bankruptcy Institute National Advisory Board as well as serving on multiple civic boards.

Personal Life

Phyllis Chambers put in long hours as a nurse to ensure her son could attend one of New York City’s elite private schools, such as Saint David’s School, Choate-Rosemary Hall or York Preparatory School. However, her efforts only seemed to thrust Chambers further into an alien world which made him uncomfortable and alien.

He lacked good manners, produced poor grades and had difficulty making friends among his peers. Additionally, he frequently consumed alcohol and took illegal substances; according to friends he took himself too seriously and tried to enhance his image by working as a house painter/caretaker for one of his wealthy neighbors and even taking her American Express card in order to boost it further.

Chambers first rose to public notice when, in 1986, he strangled an 18-year-old girl in Central Park and blamed it on rough sex. For this murder charge he served 15 years and has subsequently been in and out of prison since that time.

Net Worth

Chambers rose to notoriety after killing 18-year-old Jennifer Levin during an illicit tryst in Central Park in 1986 and making him a symbol for elite prep school youth gone bad.

His murder trial became an international media spectacle, with columnists exploring every detail of his life. After receiving bail from his wealthy family and posting up his townhouse as collateral against any possible bondsman bondsmen who attempted to take advantage of him for bail money he claimed that he had been victimized by her.

Chambers made his first apology and acceptance of responsibility for Jennifer Levin’s murder during an exclusive interview with 48 Hours, but many critics found the interview staged and contrived; nonetheless, Chambers has never been able to escape his label as preppy killer and has spent 15 years behind bars.

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