Robert Desiderio One Life To Live

Judith Light Has One Life to Live

Judith Light and her hubby Robert Desiderio are not your run of the mill celebs. Their marriage started in 1985. During this time, they have been on the scene, at least in New York City. They have won two Daytime Emmy awards and a Best Actor award for their roles on the soap opera General Hospital. The couple has also starred in a number of made for television movies and television series. In 2010, they toured the nation’s capitol for a charity benefit concert. Despite their love of showbiz, they have been known to be downright grumpy, and the aforementioned grumpiness is a real problem.

Having been on the job for more than thirty years, Light has had to make some tough choices. Aside from her starring role on General Hospital, she has worked on a number of television series and daytime soap operas, including The Good Wife and The Young and the Restless. Her most notable role was that of Karen Wolek, a former wife turned prostitute. Although she is not the biggest fan of her husband’s escapades, she admits that she was not making ends meet. During their tumultuous relationship, she spent four or five months in the Golden State working on a movie titled, “Transparent.” She is currently residing in Manhattan, where she works at her alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University. For a woman who has been on the job for more than 30 years, the list of responsibilities is quite lengthy, but she still maintains a healthy work-life balance. After all, being a wife and mother is no easy task, and that is no small feat.

She has been credited with being the most observant woman in television, and this has not only served to enrich her life, but has had a positive impact on her career. She has been a vocal supporter of the AIDS movement, and her activism has been a key factor in a number of successful campaigns.

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