Robin Roberts Dress On Gma Today

How to Dress Like Robin Roberts on Good Morning America Today

During her 20th anniversary on Good Morning America, Robin Roberts was celebrated by colleagues and former guests. The ABC daytime show honored her in a special broadcast Thursday, featuring co-anchors Michael Strahan and George Stephanopoulos.

How Much Does Robin Roberts Make?

As one of the highest-paid GMA hosts, Roberts earns $18 million per year. She’s also the top-paid co-anchor on ABC, along with George Stephanopoulos and Michael Strahan.

She is the highest-paid GMA host by far, and her salary makes her more than a millionaire — her co-anchors receive $17 million and $15 million from their other shows, too.

The money she makes is quite a lot, so it’s no surprise that she can afford to buy all the dresses she wants in her closet. She has a great sense of style and always looks gorgeous on the air.

How Does She Find Her Dresses?

It’s likely that Roberts has a personal stylist who helps her pick out her outfits for different events. But she might also have a favorite designer or store where she frequently purchases her clothes.

How She Dresses On The Show

Like most television personalities, Roberts prefers to wear suits on the show rather than jeans or shorts. She’s often seen sporting suits with a pair of sleek pumps or sandal heels that add a touch of femininity to her look.

If she wants to make an even more formal statement, she may pair her suit with a matching blazer. Whether she goes for a classic white or dark blue, the blazer adds a polished touch to her look that makes it ideal for a job on a major news network.

She may also want to consider wearing a neutral colored skirt that will match her blazer. This way, her ensemble will be more comfortable to stand in for long periods of time while she is on the show.

Her shoes are a huge part of her outfit, so she usually opts for pairs that feature embellishments or textural suede in colorful hues. She’s also known to lace-up sneakers with her suits, offering a laid-back attitude to her look.

In addition to her shoes, she also usually wears a necklace to accessorize her look. During this particular episode of GMA, she was wearing a long pendant necklace that sported a heart design.

She also wore bracelets that matched her earrings and her hairstyle. She finished her look with a hat that she had pinned up in the back.

Despite her numerous health challenges, Roberts is still one of the most inspiring women in the world. Her cancer battles have taught her to be brave and overcome her difficulties with grace. She is a role model to so many others and continues to fight for the cause she believes in. She also has a strong social media presence and is a big supporter of cancer awareness and research. She has even opened up about her struggles with breast cancer and myelodysplastic syndrome in the past.

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