Royal Dano Net Worth

Royal Dano Net Worth – How Much Is Royal Dano Worth?

Royal Dano, born November 16th 1922 and currently aged 71 years, has made his name by appearing in films like Moby Dick, The 7 Faces of Dr Lao and The Trouble With Harry.

Caleb Edward Dano was a newspaper printer. At age 12, he ran away from home and lived in various places including Texas, Florida and California.

Early Life and Education

Royal Dano was an American actor renowned for his remarkable voice and diverse performances. Born in New York City on November 16, 1922 and dying in Santa Monica California five years later on May 15, 1994. His lanky frame with morose features was ideal for portraying preachers, cowpokes, or killers – roles for which Royal was particularly memorable.

He is best-known for his roles in Moby Dick and The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao, as well as being Abraham Lincoln in Disney’s audioanimatronic version at both World’s Fair (brought back to Disneyland in 1965) and DisneyWorld.

He ran away from home at 12 years old, traveling across Florida, Texas and California before returning home with the promise to complete his education in exchange for permission to travel further.

Professional Career

Royal Dano was an renowned film, TV, and stage actor known for portraying diverse and captivating roles over his 42 year career in films, TV, stage performances, radio drama, voiceover work, voice over work as well as his unique deep, gravelly voice that became his trademark and enhanced his performances. His amazing legacy continues to impact aspiring actors today.

Dano made his Broadway debut in 1949 in Finian’s Rainbow and received critical acclaim for his performance. Since then he has returned numerous times, earning further critical acclaim and receiving multiple nominations from New York critics as one of their “Promising Actor” award nominees. Additionally he appeared in some low-budget films and off-Broadway productions such as Ethan Hawke’s Things We Want (2007) productions.

Achievement and Honors

Royal Dano was an award-winning character actor who appeared in more than 300 movies and television shows during his 71-year career. On May 15, 1994 he succumbed to pulmonary fibrosis at home in Houston.

He had a slim and angular build, often playing grim or menacing characters; his deep, gravelly voice added depth and resonance to his performances.

He made his mark not only with movies and television but also provided the voice of Abraham Lincoln for Disney’s audioanimatronic Civil War president in Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at the 1964 New York World’s Fair and later at Disneyland’s Hall of Presidents.

Dano was married to Peggy Rank and had two children; he is interred at Los Angeles National Cemetery, California. Dano enjoyed watching old movies and spending time with his family.

Personal Life

Dano was an enthusiastic snow skier and enjoyed spending time with his family. Additionally, he thoroughly enjoyed watching old films.

He died suddenly and tragically on May 15th 1994 at 71 years of age, leaving his fans grieving deeply for some time afterward.

Royal Edward Dano was a versatile character actor who graced both big and small screens for over 42 years. Known for his tall build, deep voice, and distinct persona; moviegoers quickly fell for him during that time. He appeared in such movies as Moby Dick, The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao and The Outlaw Josey Wales while making many guest appearances on Gunsmoke as well as portraying Abraham Lincoln for an Omnibus Series known as Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln which debuted at the 1964 World’s Fair!

Net Worth

Royal Dano was a highly-revered actor renowned for his realistic acting. Hollywood was greatly bereft by his untimely death on 15 May 1994 due to a heart attack.

He was a versatile actor whose height and physique enabled him to effortlessly embody various menacing characters on screen. He appeared in movies such as Moby Dick, Ghoulies II, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Man of the West, The Trouble with Harry and Electra Glide in Blue.

Royal Dano was born 16 November 1922 and died 15 May 1994, leaving two sons: Royal Jr (pronounced Raa-yano) and Hutch Dano behind with his wife. He is buried at Los Angeles National Cemetery as an outstanding father who did not use drugs during his lifetime.

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