Ryan Bergara Net Worth

Ryan Bergara is a video producer best known for his work on Buzz Feed Unsolved. Additionally, he has experience as a director, cinematographer, and writer; in fact, his own production company Jamexi Productions also exists under his name.

He has charmed audiences with his captivating performances and fascination for exploring mysterious phenomena.

Early Life and Education

Ryan Steven Bergara was born in the United States on 26 November 1990 with mixed ethnic origins of Japanese, Mexican and Filipino heritage. His father is a dentist; his brother attends Chapman University where Ryan graduated with a degree in television and broadcast journalism.

He is an ardent believer of ghosts and incorporates this belief into his web series. He boasts an attractive male physique with dark hair and earthy-toned eyes.

He became widely recognized through his work on Buzzfeed Unsolved, in which he and his co-host would visit haunted locations to connect with spirits. They visited some of the most iconic haunted places such as Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary, Winchester Mystery House, Whaley Hotel and Dauphine Hotel – among many others! Additionally, Jamexi Productions was established.

Professional Career

Ryan Bergara was born in 1990 and is an accomplished YouTube content creator, actor, director, writer, and video producer. He is best known for his BuzzFeed Unsolved series which depicts historical events as well as unsolved ghost mysteries.

He graduated from Arcadia High School and later attended Chapman University, where he completed digital picture editorial internships at Sony Pictures and Viacom respectively. Jamexi Productions was launched shortly thereafter.

He joined BuzzFeed’s team in 2014 as a cinematographer, editor, and publication director for Whalerock Industries as well as video intern at Take One Productions. Since then he has become a producer with Take One Productions where he coordinates various short movies, music recordings, and stories.

Achievement and Honors

Ryan Bergara has distinguished himself with his work on YouTube and TikTok, but also as a director, cinematographer, editor. A graduate from Chapman University where he studied narrative television.

His immense fascination with true crime and mysteries can be seen through the content he produces, along with a humorous style and natural storytelling abilities.

Bergara has established an immense social media following, using his fame to support various philanthropic initiatives.

Recently, Shane Madej and Steven Lim decided to leave BuzzFeed and launch Watcher Entertainment together, producing new content for their channel and opening doors through their hard work and magnetic presence. Both currently reside in Los Angeles.

Personal Life

Ryan Bergara combines acting, directing, video production and writing as one of his many talents. As part of ‘Buzzfeed Unsolved’ he co-wrote and directed alongside Shane Madej.

Prior to graduating from Chapman University in Orange, California he interned at Sony Pictures and Viacom before working at Whale Rock Industries gaining experience in film.

Marielle Scott appears frequently in his YouTube videos, living in Los Angeles together. Recently he and Marielle joined Steven Lim and Shane Madej to launch their production studio “Watcher”, featuring ghost hunting videos shot in various places such as Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary and Winchester Mystery House.

Net Worth

Ryan Bergara is an esteemed YouTube personality best known for his engaging content. With an emphasis on true crime and mystery tales, Ryan has garnered an enormous audience over time. Additionally, Ryan has ventured into other endeavors including founding Watcher Entertainment which offers independent production services.

He is well known for his videography work at sports events, weddings, and various special occasions. In January 2009 he established Jamexi Productions; moreover he appeared as himself in TJ Marchbank’s short film ‘Lovely Day.’

Ryan is not only known for his successful acting career but is also an active philanthropist and takes pleasure in numerous hobbies outside the spotlight. With an expansive social media following and regular posts about his personal life on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter he regularly shares glimpses into his private life with followers; furthermore he is in a romantic relationship with fellow filmmaker Helen Pan.

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