Sabrina Daniels

Sabrina Daniels

Sabrina Daniels possesses extensive expertise in commercial litigation, from representing defendants at trial or bench levels to participation in arbitrations and participating in mediation processes. She has represented clients from various industries and all aspects of litigation from pre-suit investigations through trials and appeals.

She has been nominated for the upReach charity’s Student Social Mobility Awards, which recognize the outstanding accomplishments of undergraduate students who have overcome barriers such as being first-generation university students and managing multiple responsibilities simultaneously with their studies.

Early Life and Education

Sabrina Daniels was born in the United States to Ralph and Elizabeth Jane Daniels; Ralph served in the US Air Force before transitioning into military police corps; Elizabeth worked as both nurse and homemaker, while Tiana Daniels remains close by her side as do Jermika Alberty – both sisters she still survives alongside Jermika Alberty as siblings.

Marian University recently awarded her with both an MA in Education and graduate certificate for teaching English as a Second Language, in addition to serving on Teach For America corps member in Indianapolis. Additionally, she completed several internships including museum technician work at Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial and Homestead National Monument of America.

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Professional Career

Sabrina Daniels currently works as the Patient Care Coordinator at Penn Memory Center in Philadelphia. Prior to that she worked as both a psychiatric nurse at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and case manager at Hospital of University of Pennsylvania.

As part of her education experience, she taught English Literature and ESL/EFL at K-12 levels, serving as well as being part of Teach for America Corps membership in Indianapolis.

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Achievement and Honors

Sabrina recently received two awards at the Student Social Mobility Awards hosted by upReach. This ceremony honors students who have achieved success despite all odds; such as first-generation university attendance or living in areas with limited job prospects.

She was also honored with the Women’s John R. Wooden Award – given annually to recognize the top female college basketball player – for the second year running. This prestigious recognition honors one player as part of their achievement on court.

She hopes that by receiving this honor, her achievements can become more widely discussed, providing other young people who share similar backgrounds a role model to look up to.

Personal Life

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Net Worth

Sabrina Tour has extensive expertise in real estate transactions and litigation, such as zoning/permitting issues, land use/development law issues, commercial litigation matters and oil/gas disputes. She also has trial/arbitration experience before both federal and state courts.

At 24 years old, she is the daughter of Gaetano Matarazzo and Heather Matarazzo and has two siblings – Carmen Matarazzo and Gaten Matarazzo.

She enjoys an impressive following across social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube; is active with various brand endorsements; owns a clothing line of her own and released four studio albums herself – estimated net worth: around $1-5 Million.

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