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Sandra Bullock – Hoarders Review

Hoarders viewers will recognize Sandra as an expert at clearing away messes that individuals cannot manage alone. Sandra serves as a trauma cleaner, who specializes in clearing away complex situations for her customers.

Born Peter, her traumatic upbringing caused her to forget much of her past. Although Krasnostein describes Peter’s unreliable narration as problematic and difficult, her life still makes for fascinating reading.

Early Life and Education

Sandra runs a cleaning service that specializes in clearing the homes of those with hoarding tendencies – an emotionally, physically and often hazardous job. In this book we see Sandra’s turbulent life unfold through both chapters from homes she cleans as well as chapters about herself: her cruel childhood; two failed marriages; rape; drugs; abortion & an extensive career as a drag queen/prostitute and taxi-cab scheduler.

This book is an eclectic mixture of biography, memoir and documentary elements written by Krasnostein with great love for her subject. At times it may seem overwritten but it is clear she holds great affection for her subject – an account of one woman’s difficult life that will leave you marveling that she managed to survive at all! Krasnostein truly deserves praise as an incredible survivor.

Professional Career

Sandra owns and operates a company specializing in cleaning up crime scenes, disaster sites and hoarding situations. With years of experience and an established track record in these areas, Sandra is an expert at her craft – recently winning several high profile commercial cleaning contracts during Nashville’s building boom period.

She was born Peter and underwent gender reassignment surgery in the late 70s. Following this surgery she gained recognition as a transgender personality, setting up her own cleaning service as well as becoming well known in Victoria’s trans community as one of its first gender reassignment patients. Additionally she performed drag queen performances, owned a hardware store, was an early advocate for gender reassignment surgery as one of its pioneers, and even owned one of Victoria’s first gender reassignment surgeries – something no one else had access to.

Sarah Krasnostein writes with an almost maternal sympathy towards her subject, making this story read more like an autobiography than memoir.

Achievement and Honors

Sandra is passionate about her work and actively works to champion women in an otherwise male-dominated industry. She leads by example and encourages employees to participate in community improvement projects; additionally she hosts events for women to connect and empower one another.

Krasnostein’s fly-on-the-wall insight into trauma cleaning is an engaging read. She weaves flashbacks about Sandra’s troubled childhood, sexual exploitation business and life as an interracial couple into scenes where she works in hoarded properties cleaning up after murders, suicides or deaths scenes.

This book received numerous honors, such as the Victorian Prize for Literature and NSW Premier’s Literary Award as well as Dobbie Literary Award. According to its author, it pays a fitting tribute to Sandra’s courage and kindness.

Personal Life

Sandra has had an extraordinary life. Before establishing STC services, she worked as a drag queen, sex worker and business woman; later becoming one of Australia’s first woman owned funeral services.

She is always extremely kind to her clients and their families, showing understanding for those struggling to maintain control in their lives. Furthermore, her team often cleans homes of those living with mental health conditions.

Book and film cover Sandra’s daily work as well as detailing her traumatic personal history. Sandra is truly amazing and this documentary will leave you wanting more about this remarkable individual who is also an impressive survivor and hard worker; although not an instantly likeable character, Sandra provides insight into issues facing those living on the margins.

Net Worth

Sandra Bullock is one of Hollywood’s premier actresses with an estimated net worth of $200 million. She counts George Clooney among her close acquaintances and lives in an exquisite Beverly Hills mansion; in addition, Sandra Bullock has made numerous donations towards natural disaster relief efforts.

Sandra has experienced considerable turmoil in both her personal and professional lives since transitioning from male to female status. Through STC Services, Sandra uses her experiences to assist those suffering from hoarding disorder, industrial accidents or homicide trauma recovery.

Since utilizing Sandra and her staff’s service for several months now, I can vouch that they provide incredible detail with every job they complete – highly recommend! Their rates are also fair and reasonable.

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