Scott Elrod Net Worth

Scott Elrod Net Worth

Scott Elrod is one of the most successful American movie stars. He has been featured in a number of films such as Argo and Lone Survivor. As a result, he is also one of the richest actors in Hollywood. His net worth is estimated at around $2 million. In addition to his acting skills, he has also established a business that develops marketing campaigns for Smirnoff Vodka and Weather Channel.

When he was a child, Elrod’s father was a pilot for the United States Air Force. During his formative years, he attended school in Parker, Colorado. After graduation, he obtained a pilot’s license and went to work at Denver International Airport.

In his spare time, Elrod was an avid motorcycle racer. Aside from his role in movies, Elrod served as an air traffic controller and an air force brat. Eventually, Elrod was assigned as Vice President of Sales for a technology firm. However, he was unhappy with his sales performance.

It was this experience that led Elrod to become an actor. He was introduced to the art of film acting at an early age, and he later discovered that his talents in this area were more than enough to land him a role in the aforementioned Lone Survivor. Afterward, he starred in an impressive array of television and movie roles. These include playing a villain in a thriller film, playing a pizza delivery guy, and starring in a series of commercials.

While he was in school, Scott exhibited his athletic skills through running and track. He even excelled in math and academics. On top of that, he played baseball in high school.

As a young adult, Elrod was able to find a niche in the television industry, where he began to appear in small parts in shows such as Grey’s Anatomy. Later, he would star as Meredith’s new man in the hit series. Likewise, Elrod would also play a minor role in a horror film titled Hellhounds. This was the first of many appearances in the genre, as he would go on to play the same role in a number of other movies and TV shows.

Although his name doesn’t ring any bells, it is not surprising that Elrod has managed to establish himself as a recognizable face in the entertainment industry. Indeed, it has been said that he is a natural showman. Besides, he has managed to strike a good balance between his professional and personal life. For instance, he has a private jet and a $3.44 million luxury home in the Hollywood Hills West.

Not only is Scott Elrod an accomplished actor, but he is also a handsome man. He is tall and athletic, with long, dark hair and a sexy figure. Additionally, he has a wife and a son. Despite his wealth and fame, he has maintained a low profile, rarely revealing his family or personal life to the public.

The best part about his life is that he has been able to do it all without breaking the bank. Since his career began, he has been able to earn a respectable amount of money.

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