Scott Sartiano Net Worth

Scott Sartiano is an acclaimed American businessman, having amassed an impressive fortune through various entrepreneurial ventures and becoming a role model to many young entrepreneurs.

Co-Owner of two Manhattan Nightclubs draws celebrities such as Rihanna and ex-Met Matt Harvey to his velvet roped, lavish clubs in Manhattan. This success can be attributed to determination as well as having various business interests across New York.

Early Life and Education

Scott Sartiano’s rise to fame demonstrates the power of determination and perseverance. His commitment to honing his skills and expanding his network led to a prosperous nightlife industry career for him, and numerous real estate investments furthered his wealth accumulation.

Sartiano has not only found success in the entertainment industry, but is also dedicated to giving back. He works with several charitable organizations that focus on issues related to education and poverty alleviation – this unique dedication adds yet another layer to his illustrious career.

Sartiano is co-owner of two New York City hot spots that attract celebrities and socialites, 1 Oak being co-founded with Richie Akiva; together they went on to form the Butter Group that includes restaurants Butter and Darby & Friends.

Professional Career

Scott Sartiano possesses a diverse business portfolio that encompasses restaurants and nightclubs. His entrepreneurial ventures in these sectors have earned him significant acclaim while his successful career has helped amass an impressive net worth.

As part of his professional efforts, Sartiano also dedicates time and energy to charitable works. He has contributed generously to many causes that support arts and culture; his efforts have made an indelible mark on society and his local community.

Sartiano previously worked at a law firm. To pursue his entrepreneurial dreams, however, he decided to open his own restaurant, and it proved immensely successful. Since then he has expanded it across different cities. Furthermore, his 1OAK and Up & Down bars have become very popular with celebrities.

Achievement and Honors

Scott Sartiano is one of New York City’s go-to club owners and restaurateurs, co-owning Butter, an acclaimed restaurant-with-DJ that draws in crowds such as supermodel Carmen Kass and Iman, Teen Beat demi-god Carson Daly, as well as founding Zero Bond (Manhattan’s A-list private members club).

Inspired by Annabel’s London, his club attracts high-profile celebrities like Liev Schreiber. Additionally, Sartiano is known for creating nightlife spots 1OAK and Up & Down as well as fast-casual chain Broken Coconut. When an injury ended his pro tennis career prematurely, Sartiano quickly made a name for himself in hospitality industry by playing long games, building relationships and never selling out.

Personal Life

Scott Sartiano has amassed immense wealth through nightclubs and real estate investments; further bolstered by philanthropy projects which contribute to his fortune.

After his wrist injury ended his professional tennis career, Sartiano turned to business and the hospitality industry. Together with Richie Akiva he opened Butter Restaurant in New York City and saw its rapid expansion become an overwhelming success story.

Zero Bond Club was opened by Dr. Eric Adams in 2020 and quickly became a gathering spot for celebrities, actors, doctors, athletes, bankers, and other high-profile people – even New York City Mayor Eric Adams visited during this time period!

Net Worth

Sartiano’s remarkable rise to success is an inspiration to many. His remarkable tenacity, versatility and ingenuity enabled him to build an empire worth millions. Many have found inspiration in his story of perseverance.

His success lies in playing the long game and staying true to his circle of power players who have become close. Additionally, he attributes his longevity to staying true to himself and not giving in to temptation by selling out or changing.

Though once interested in politics, Sartiano now prefers family life over partying. He married Allie Rizzo in 2014 and sold his stake in the Butter Group to Akiva that same year – while simultaneously filing suit against their former business partner for $15 Million over an acrimonious split.

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