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Kevin Gage and Shannon Perris-Knight

Kevin Gage first gained notoriety for his involvement in a meth ring. Following his arrest and time spent behind bars, Kevin emerged into low-budget films and television series such as Highway to Heaven and L.A. Law as an actor.

Gage was married to Shannon Perris-Knight who succumbed to inoperable brain cancer in 2014.

Early Life and Education

Shannon Perris-Knight’s death was both unjustifiable and tragic, since she still had much of life ahead of her to enjoy. Although the exact reasons for her murder remain enigmatic, it appears likely that her husband was involved.

After marrying in 2005 and giving birth to their son Ryder Jay Gage in January 2007 at Ensenada Beach south of Ensenada Baja California, Shannon spent her final six years before passing away unexpectedly due to an undiagnosed brain aneurysm.

Though her death was tragic, it’s important to recognize the positive effect she had on society. She tirelessly helped those in need and was an incredible mother. All who knew her are devastated at her passing away.

Professional Career

Kevin Gage is best-known for his portrayal of Waingro in the movie Heat, although he has also appeared in other movies and television shows including Con Air, L.A. Law, and Smallville. Additionally, Kevin is married to Kelly Preston with whom he shares one child together.

Shannon and Gage married in 2005, giving birth to Ryder Jay Gage two years later. Unfortunately, Shannon was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer the following year; she battled it bravely for six years until finally succumbing.

Her death was an unnecessary tragedy that should have been avoided, yet Gage sought to keep her legacy alive by founding a foundation which provides financial assistance to families experiencing medical crises. Furthermore, he has spoken out on the significance of brain health and encouraged people to get checked for aneurysms.

Achievement and Honors

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Shannon Perris-Knight was an innocent mother whose murder by Kevin Gage serves as a powerful reminder of domestic violence. Gage was charged with her death, and served time behind bars before vowing to keep Shannon’s memory alive while advocating for brain health awareness.

Personal Life

Kevin Gage was briefly married to Shannon Perris-Knight before their relationship disintegrated. Kevin is best known for his role in the film Heat, though he has also appeared in other movies and TV shows. After being arrested for cultivating marijuana he served time in prison but has since turned his life around.

He and his wife have a son named Ryder. He has become an outspoken advocate for brain health issues and continues to keep Shannon’s memory alive.

Kevin and Shannon met at a Hollywood nightclub in 1992, instantly drawn to his charming but gruff image. Shortly thereafter they married. Shannon was tragically killed at home from multiple stab wounds; though her motive remains unknown. Many speculate it may have been domestic violence-related.

Net Worth

Her death was the result of a brain aneurysm, with her husband by her side at the time. Since then he has taken steps to keep her memory alive by encouraging people to get checked for these potentially life-threatening conditions.

He is an established actor with years of experience, having made appearances in films like Billy Crystal: A Comic’s Line and Highway to Heaven. Additionally, he appeared in G.I. Jane and The Skulls among many others.

At first he was charged with growing marijuana for medical reasons in the early 2000s and served 41 months before being released. Ryder Jay Gage was born later that same year at an undisclosed location.

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