Shaquan Roberts Net Worth

Shaquan Roberts is an American social media influencer and YouTube content creator, best known for his channel ‘Riss and Quan’ where he posts challenges and amusing prank videos.

He has earned immense adoration from his fans. Additionally, he enjoys traveling and late-night parties with his partner.

Early Life and Education

Shaquan Roberts is an acclaimed YouTuber, Instagram Personality, Boxer and Social media influencer best known for co-founding Riss and Quan with Riss G and their channel featuring pranks, challenges and comedy videos – garnering him an enormous fan base across social media platforms.

He has earned a significant amount from YouTube and boxing career earnings and leads an extravagant lifestyle. Furthermore, he earns through sponsorship agreements with various brands.

He hails from Queens, New York. He prefers to keep his personal life private and has yet to share much about his parents or sister Tiffany who passed away in 2014. On Instagram he occasionally post memorial messages in her memory. After attending local private schools he graduated from University of Albany.

Professional Career

Shaquan Roberts is a social media influencer best known as one-half of Riss and Quan, the couple’s YouTube channel featuring pranks, challenges, comedy videos and more with over 220,000 subscribers on social media.

This twosome has an incredible bond and their interactions are always engaging and humorous. Together they have amassed significant wealth through publishing videos on their channel.

Both have an affinity for boxing and regularly post videos related to it on their channel. Shaquan is an avid gym goer who regularly works out to maintain his muscular physique; at 5ft 8inches tall weighing 75kg with jet black locks and beautiful brown eyes, Shaquan works out in order to stay in great physical condition and maintain his physique. He also keeps an unblemished social media profile.

Achievement and Honors

Shaquan Roberts is an American social media star best known as one half of Riss & Quan on YouTube, co-founding their channel together and amassing an immense following on their accounts with humorous pranks, challenges, and comedic videos that they post under “Riss & Quan”. Their videos have garnered widespread acclaim on their respective platforms.

Roberts and his partner have become famous for playing fun challenges and pranks on each other, even posting lifestyle vlogs to YouTube which have amassed millions of views.

Although they have become so well-known, the pair maintains their personal lives as much as possible in private. They do not reveal details regarding their parents and siblings; instead they post photos without disclosing identities on Instagram without giving away who they are. Roberts also plans on becoming a professional boxer alongside his YouTube career.

Personal Life

Social media personality Shaquan Roberts boasts an enviable physique. An avid fitness enthusiast, he works out regularly in order to maintain his body stats. Furthermore, he’s passionate about boxing and regularly broadcasts videos from his training on Instagram – as well as hoping to pursue professional boxing as a profession.

Shaquan Roberts and Rissa G are best known as one half of Riss & Quan on YouTube, renowned for its comedy sketches, challenges, and vlogs.

This pair’s content has been seen over 297 million times on YouTube alone! Based in New York, United States and publishing multiple videos each week – they even earned both silver and gold play buttons from YouTube in recognition of their efforts! A tremendous accomplishment indeed for these YouTubers!

Net Worth

He has amassed considerable wealth through YouTube and boxing careers and lives an extravagant lifestyle. Rissa G, also an influencer and YouTuber, and him currently enjoy playing practical jokes on each other and performing adorable surprises for their viewers on camera.

Roberts is also training hard for a professional boxing career and regularly posts his training videos on Instagram. It is likely he will make his debut in a boxing ring soon enough.

Riss & Quan launched their official channel ‘Riss & Quan’ on January 6, 2018 to share fun challenges, pranks, personal videos and lifestyle vlogs with fans around the globe. Since then they have amassed an immense fan base from all corners of the earth!

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