Sheila Adams

Sheila Adams

Sheila Adams is an attorney and community leader who has been actively engaged with many projects over time. Additionally, she serves as president and chief executive officer for the Urban League of Greater Cincinnati.

Sheila is a seventh-generation ballad singer, storyteller, and clawhammer banjo player from Madison County in North Carolina. She learned her craft from great-aunt Dellie Norton and Cas Wallin as well as other family members.

Early Life and Education

Sheila Adams is a seventh-generation ballad singer, storyteller and claw hammer banjo player known for highlighting Western North Carolina’s unaccompanied ballad singing tradition. She regularly performs at festivals, workshops and events throughout both countries.

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Professional Career

Sheila Adams has made significant strides toward improving education. Currently she serves as Dean of the College of Nursing and Speech-Language Pathology at Mississippi University for Women.

As part of her distinguished career, she has received many awards and honors; one being named 2007 Mississippi Nursing School Administrator of the Year.

Her community service includes serving as president of the Urban League of Greater Cincinnati and leading African American Leadership Development Program, two organizations which strive to promote self-sufficiency through training and development programs.

Sheila Adams has been working as a public accountant since 2006. Her practice primarily consists of audits of federal awards under the Uniform Grant Guidance. Her client base consists of schools and universities, state agencies, government contractors, technology, life sciences and real estate companies.

Achievement and Honors

Sheila Adams is one of the foremost practitioners of Appalachian ballad singing and storytelling tradition, earning widespread acclaim around the globe for her remarkable talents.

She has received many prestigious honors for her work, such as a National Heritage Fellowship and Brown-Hudson Award from North Carolina Folklore Society. Additionally, she tours across the country as a storyteller and musician – available for concerts, workshops and festival appearances.

Judge Adams has assisted the Court in creating problem-solving, veterans reentry and juvenile diversion courts to assist youth and adults facing various issues succeed in life. Through counseling services, rehabilitation services and intensive monitoring she has created a court system which is impacting lives daily.

Personal Life

Sheila Adams hails from Sodom Laurel in Madison County, North Carolina where her seven generations have long held unaccompanied ballad singing traditions dating back two centuries. As such, she teaches, performs, and records unaccompanied ballad singing using this centuries-old tradition.

She has traveled throughout the world to showcase and document this distinct and vibrant tradition, appearing at festivals and workshops in both America and Britain as well as having her performances showcased in various films.

Sheila Kay Adams is an incredible individual renowned for her tireless commitment to maintaining and expanding Western North Carolina’s unaccompanied ballad singing tradition. She serves as an invaluable example and inspiration to hundreds of ballad singers and collectors worldwide.

Net Worth

Sheila Kay Adams is an accomplished American storyteller, author, and musician renowned for her talent. Sheila has received praise from Life Magazine and North Carolina Folklore Society.

Her musical career started at an early age and since then has included performances at festivals, events, and music camps throughout the U.S. as well as the UK. She was a regular performer at both Jonesborough’s International Storytelling Festival as well as 1976 and 2003 Smithsonian Folklife Festival’s Bicentennial Celebration/Appalachia: Heritage & Harmony events.

Sheila had an estimated net worth of $5 Million dollars as of January 9, 2023. She holds a significant stake in Jones Lang Lasalle stock and trades it frequently – over 45 transactions have taken place over 19 years.

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