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Shirtjack – 27 Hot BFOTDs

No matter where life leads you, shirt jackets can add flair to any ensemble. Commonly known as guayabera shirts and shirt jacs, these versatile garments have an extensive history that dates back centuries.

Some fall under the category of outerwear aesthetics while others resemble more of a heftier button-up style. Here are 27 of our favorites, ranging from designer collections to mall brand offerings.

Early Life and Education

Jack spent his childhood living on New York’s lower-east side and experienced happiness and an instinct of self-preservation, along with inquisitiveness, doodling on every available piece of paper and an affinity for movies. At 16, he joined his family business in Lowell as an editorial cartoonist for their newspaper and later worked at Scovill Manufacturing Company in the Chrysler Building where he saw their idea to add snaps onto cowboy shirts – an idea which later developed into his invention for snapped cowboy shirts!

Professional Career

The Guayabera shirt (or “Shirt Jac” in Spanish) has become an iconic garment across Latin America and Hispanic communities alike, known for its decorative elements and embroidery, making them suitable for hot and humid climates. They are most often associated with Cuba where it is known as either 4-Pocket Guayaberas.

Whatever its name may be, shirt jackets have an effortless style that elevates even simple looks into BFOTD territory. Here, we present 27 of the best – from designer pieces to mall brand staples – so that you can up your game like a pro.

Personal Life

Shirt jackets (known in Cuba and Latin America as shirt jacs) are an essential component of warm-weather wardrobes. Famous for their decorative elements and embroidery, they’re usually worn during tropical or humid climates. From designer looks to easy mall brand options, these 27 shirt jacs will turn any basic ensemble into BFOTD territory; particularly popular is the four-pocket guayabera with its safari vibe thanks to embroidered details on its zipper front.

Net Worth

Shirtjack’s charismatic appearance on ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ has won him fans. Additionally, his merchandise sales bring in significant profits; estimated net worth estimates place his net worth at $5 Million.

He boasts an enormous social media following and is an active member of TikTok community, creating popular videos which have gone viral and partnering with various other TikTok stars on various collaborations that have gone viral on the platform.

Jacques Agnant, better known by his nickname Haitian Jack, is a notorious gangster and music promoter known for working with notable rappers such as Notorious B.I.G(biggie smalls), Tupac Shakur and many more. Although his start was rough, despite living an extravagant lifestyle including vacations to exotic locations with lavish homes.

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