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The Role of Professional Careers in a Job Search

Early Life and Education

Early experiences for children can have lasting consequences on their future health, social and emotional well-being. Positive experiences can set a strong path, while negative environments could have lasting detrimental impacts.

Research suggests that most people born today will reach age 100; their early years could have an immense effect on this long life span. Jonas Miller, postdoctoral scholar from Stanford Neurodevelopment, Affect, and Psychopathology Lab joins School’s In to discuss how reevaluating early life could help us all live longer, healthier lives.

This literature review explores Early Childhood Development and Education as a key social determinant of health. You can also navigate around this section by using the navigation bar above.

Professional Career

Professional careers refer to a person’s entire lifespan of employments that they undertake during their lives, as well as any positions held or titles obtained within these employments. A professional career should not be confused with Profession, which refers to occupations undertaken by people possessing specific knowledge and abilities – such as doctors in medicine, advocates in law or engineers in technology. Professions require formal qualifications and extensive training. Professions may or may not require formal recognition but there can still be various ways that success of professional careers is measured such as job satisfaction levels or salary levels.

Achievement and Honors

Attribute achievements and honors as they demonstrate your abilities. These can either be added directly into your work experience section, or created as separate awards and honors sections if applicable. An entry-level applicant would likely find it more suitable to include these awards within their education section; otherwise if your work experience allows it might make more sense to create one of your own for them.

When adding awards to your resume, be sure to provide a brief description of their significance and requirements for earning them. This allows the hiring manager to gain a better understanding of your achievements and will set you apart from other applicants.

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