Sick Em In German

Sick Em in German

Sick em in German

One of the many joys of living in Germany is that you can often walk into any doctor’s office and ask for a prescription without worrying about the bill. However, if you want to get the attention of your local doc you need to know the language that goes with it. In this post we’ll cover a few key medical words that can make your doctor’s office visit that much more enjoyable.

Sick em in German

For starters, you’ll need to understand the difference between a doctor’s appointment and an emergency room visit. A visit to the latter will likely result in you having to wait for hours and possibly days before you can see a doctor – something that most foreigners find disconcerting. Similarly, if you’ve been sick for longer than three days it may be time to start the application process for a leave of absence or krankmeldung.

Sick em that you’ll actually use

Now that you have a few medical terminology tips in your pocket, it’s time to get some sleep and rethink your dietary habits. We’ll be back next week with a few more useful words and phrases to help you get better – and stay there!

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