Sigrid Thornton Net Worth

Sigrid Thornton was born on 12 February 1956 in Canberra, Australia as Sigrid Madeline Thornton and holds both Australian and American citizenship. Her parents are Neil and Merle Thornton.

She enjoys living an enjoyable life, with her primary source of income being from her career. However, she has yet to estimate her annual earnings.

Early Life and Education

Sigrid Thornton was born February 12 in Canberra, Australia and is an esteemed Australian actress with various award wins for her film work and charitable events to assist the less fortunate.

She began her career in the 1970s with minor roles on Homicide and Division 4. However, she is perhaps best-known for her breakout performance as Roslyn Coulson on Prisoner between 1979-1980. Additionally, she made appearances in All the Rivers Run mini-series as well as Australian soap opera Paradise Beach.

Sigrid is an established movie actor who has amassed considerable wealth for herself. She currently boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million and leads an enriching lifestyle, indulging in charitable events to support children’s foundations, hospitals, and social welfare organizations.

Professional Career

Sigrid Madeline Thornton, AO is an Australian actress best known for her roles in films and television shows. Additionally, she is active in supporting various charities and community organizations.

She began acting professionally in 1975 with appearances on Australian television series Homicide and Division 4. In 1976, she played Elizabeth “Buffy” Turnbull in The Sullivans; then in 1977 made appearances in films The Getting of Wisdom as well as on Australian series Dear Father and Cop Shop sequels.

She is married to Tom Burstall and has two children. She prefers keeping her personal life private. At present, she is working on the Seachange reboot and was awarded with an Order of Australia medal for service to professional arts organizations. Additionally, in 2017, she was appointed as board member of Film Victoria as well as other Australian production companies.

Achievement and Honors

Sigrid Thornton is an award-winning Australian actress. Since 1975, she has accumulated an impressive net worth through acting. Additionally, she has received many prestigious awards and nominations throughout her career for her performances.

Thornton began her acting career on TV, appearing in shows such as Homicide and Division 4 between 1973 and 1975, before landing a role on The Sullivans as Elizabeth “Buffy” Turnbull in 1977. Thornton made her film debut with Michael Thornhill’s The FJ Holden before going on to star as Maria in Bruce Beresford’s 1977 flick The Getting of Wisdom as well.

Logie Award-winning actress Sheila Goad has appeared on television shows such as Prisoner, All the Rivers Run, SeaChange and Wentworth. Additionally she is dedicated to supporting arts philanthropy.

Personal Life

Sigrid Madeline Thornton, an Australian actress who has earned global renown through film and television work, as well as charity efforts to support children and social causes.

She has been active in the entertainment industry since 1975. Through hard work and devotion to her craft, she has established herself as an esteemed Australian actress today.

Tom Burstall and she have a family home together and she enjoys travel; Tom often goes with her. Their life path number 2 represents their desire for community harmony as motivation; as sensitive empaths themselves they understand other people’s emotions well.

Net Worth

Sigrid Madeline Thornton is an acclaimed Australian movie actress who has garnered multiple awards for her acting. She has appeared in various films and TV shows such as Prisoner, All the Rivers Run, SeaChange, Wentworth as well as supporting various charitable events and striving to improve society overall.

Though busy, she finds time for family. Married to actor Tom Burstall and mother to Jaz and Ben. Additionally, she enjoys traveling and has visited a number of countries around the globe.

She has become a prominent member of Australia’s entertainment industry since first starting acting in 1975, after she was identified by theatre director Joan Whalley during her membership of Twelfth Night Theatre Junior Workshop.

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