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Silverstone – A Fresh Breath in the Breeding of Jumping Horses

Silverstone represents an exciting breakthrough in international jumping horse breeding. He hails from Champion du Lys, who won several Grand Prix races when owned and ridden by Ludger Beerbaum. Marthago was his dam, an exceptional Holsteiner brood mare that received three 8’s and 9s in her EPTM test; Aline is his granddam and mother to Corniola (another international jumping horse).

Early Life and Education

Stallone had an arduous childhood due to a hostile relationship between his parents. He spent some of his early years in foster care before attending American College in Switzerland and the University of Miami to major in drama before dropping out before graduation to pursue acting.

Champion du Lys was an exceptional showjumper who won many Grand Prix alongside Ludger Beerbaum. Marthago, his dam, was an elite Holstein breeding mare that received three 8’s and a 9 for jumping during her EPTM test; Aline, Aline’s grandmother was responsible for siring Laralle as well as international jumping horse Corniola.

His father, Le Mexico, was an influential foundation stallion that laid the groundwork for sport horse breeding in Holland. He sired champion mares as well as too many showjumpers to name, such as Scot Brash’s current ride Ursula X who competes at an International level.

Professional Career

Silverstone is an amazing stallion with incredible potential, receiving top scores during his stallion test for scope (9), technique (8.5) and jumping talent (9). He won with Dennis van Tilburg three out of four qualification rounds of the 2006/2007 Stallion Competition; among his offspring Daytona placed 5th in the Jumping Bred Final of Stallion Approvals while Whomantha B and Bridgestone RV won Champion foal shows in Tolbert. Marthago (his dam), an elite Holstein breeding mare who achieved Keur status three times at EPTM-testing; her grand-dam Aline gave birth to international jumping horses Laralle and Corniola.

Achievement and Honors

Silverstone was an immensely successful stallion. His offspring earned top rankings both English and Western performance horse disciplines. Silverstone sired multiple world champions such as Marshall Coker and Snazzy Story as well as multiple regional champions; additionally he boasted an excellent show jumping record within AQHA.

He received a score of 9 for scope, an 8.5 for technique and 10 for jumping talent during his Stallion Competition with Dennis van Tilburg. Additionally, he placed second overall.

Marthago is an impressive Holstein breeding mare who received three 8s and one 9 on the EPTM test for her EPTM performance test. Marthago’s granddam Aline produced Laralle and Corniola who went on to become international jumping horses; Champion du Lys was used by Ludger Beerbaum to win many Grand Prix events, as well as winning twice the Hamburg Derby Derby itself!

Personal Life

Silverstone stands as an icon in the breeding of jumping horses. He was sired by Champion du Lys, who won many Grand Prix with Ludger Beerbaum and Carthago who earned three Derby wins himself. Marthago his dam was an outstanding Holsteiner brood mare while Aline produced international jumpers such as Laralle and Corniola during her time producing Aline’s progeny.

Silverstone received the highest score ever achieved in a Stallion Test with 9 points awarded for scope, 8 for technique and 9.5 points awarded for talent for jumping. He placed highly in numerous classes during his inaugural breeding year with Dennis van Tilburg as his rider, winning three out of four qualification rounds for 1.30m classes.

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