Skse Best Of Both Worlds

Skyrim Script Extender – Best of Both Worlds

While there are many benefits to the Special Edition, there are also drawbacks. For one, the game is incredibly buggy. The special edition version of the game is two years behind the SE release. Many mods won’t work because of this. It is possible to still play the game with mods compatible with the SE version.

Another benefit of using a script extender is that it can enable new game mechanics and special attacks. You can modify NPC AI or add special attacks to your character, for example. Many mods that use Skyrim require script extender. Some of the best ones are designed to take advantage of the SKSE capabilities.

Another advantage to using SKSE is compatibility. There are no compatibility issues between SE versions. However, the Legendary Edition version of the SE is not compatible. If you want to downgrade to a previous version of the game, you can try the “best of both worlds” downgrader. It can be downloaded via Steam and unpacked with 7-zip. You can also watch the installation video if you need help.

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