Sophia Fragrance

Sophia Fragrance – A Feminine Invocation of Joy, Love and Grace

SOPHIA is a feminine fragrance designed to bring joy, love and grace. Featuring notes such as rich red berries, fresh citruses and ravishing florals.

Grojsman is hard pressed to count how many perfumes she’s worked on during her fifty-plus year career at International Flavors & Fragrances since beginning as a lab technician there in 1965.

Early Life and Education

Sophia Grojsman found solace in the fragrances of flowers and plants as a child living in Belarus, so much that she would spend her playtime sniffing roses and jasmine, often neglecting other toys to focus on this aspect of playtime.

Sophia began her perfume career at IFF as a lab assistant and has progressed to senior perfumer. Additionally, she has provided guidance and mentorship to Josephine Catapano and Ernest Shiftan among others during their careers at IFF.

Her creations are known for their sensual silkiness and luxurious softness, with her fragrances featuring progressive styles that defy conventional classical perfume structures – like Picasso’s Cubism, her fragrances create unique visions as breathtaking as they are progressive. Her latest perfume creation, 100% Love is an outright declaration of love made up of rose petals and cocoa scent to create an aura of romance.

Professional Career

Sophia Grojsman is an award-winning perfumer renowned for creating some of the world’s best-selling fragrances. Inspired by experiences like flower fields or strolls through nature, Sophia’s passion lies in creating scents that enhance expression and create memories – both goals she seeks to accomplish in her creations.

She is the Picasso of perfumery, deftly subverting classical forms to form new visions that challenge how people view perfumes. Her creations typically combine four to seven ingredients that she masterfully integrates to form visual masterpieces that redefine perceptions of fragrances.

Experienced sales associate, adept at meeting and exceeding targets in high-volume retail environments. Excellent at assessing customer needs and offering personalized recommendations; experienced in inventory management and merchandising strategies designed to increase sales.

Achievement and Honors

Sophia Grojsman is an award-winning perfumer responsible for some of the world’s most iconic scents such as Eternity by Calvin Klein, Outrageous by Frederic Malle, and Tresor by Lancome. Throughout her career she has received many accolades, such as Cosmetic Executive Women Achiever Award and Living Legend Award from American Society of Perfumers.

She is an industry icon who remains at International Flavors and Fragrances after beginning as a lab technician. An inspiration to younger perfumers, she strives to create scents that meet each person’s individuality while sparking their imagination.

Sofia Vergara captures her vibrant personality, inherent charm and exotic beauty in her signature scent. Opening with floral and citrus notes before transitioning into cedar wood, white musk and ambroxan base notes for an irresistibly sensual base note combination – Sofia Vergara truly radiates with charisma!

Personal Life

Sophia may not know the exact number of fragrances she has created, but one thing is certain – each fragrance was treated with absolute dedication and her full focus.

Her perfumes evoke the bold creativity of Picasso’s Cubism paintings in that they break away from classical forms to form breathtaking and groundbreaking visions – the signature scent from Yves Saint Laurent is Paris as an example.

This scent starts off with lush red berries and citrus notes, followed by florals with their sweet and soft aroma. Finally, its base notes of sandalwood and vanilla provide a luxurious base note combination resulting in an alluring fragrance which accentuates your inner beauty while simultaneously increasing attractiveness to others. Plus it comes equipped with a fine mist applicator.

Net Worth

Sofia Vergara is an actress, businesswoman, and spokesperson who has made herself a name through hard work and her tenacity. She’s earned fame through television shows like Modern Family as an actress as well as creating clothing lines and fragrances under her own label – Latin World Entertainment is co-owned by her and she serves as spokesperson for products like dandruff shampoos, Diet Pepsi sodas, and SharkNinja coffee makers – she even owns her own production company!

She also boasts her own furniture collection available through Rooms to Go and has launched a Kmart denim jeans collection that ranges in sizes 0-20. Additionally, she endorses haircare brand Pantene as well as commercials for thyroid medication Synthroid.

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