Stacker Jack

What is a Stacker Jack?

A stacker jack is an important piece of warehouse equipment used for lifting and moving pallets. Equipped with hydraulic power, its hydraulic system also helps it transport heavy loads. Used primarily within warehouse environments to facilitate order picking or heavy load transportation.

Early Life and Education

Jack’s maternal grandfather was a furniture restorer from Paris who volunteered for the French army at the start of World War I, serving in Verdun and Somme battles before later being asked by them to make wooden legs for wounded soldiers; eventually he retired at 90 years of age in 1974.

After moving to Martin City, Jack and Delores dreamed of opening a barbecue restaurant that offered full-service, upscale dining. To achieve their goal, they purchased a wooden frame house with two dining rooms attached and added them for use as their restaurant.

Jack invented an approach to management that is now used by thousands of businesses around the world. It involves an open book philosophy which, according to Jack, is essential in building truly great businesses. At first this approach was met with some criticism but now is widely seen as best practice.

Professional Career

Stacker jacks are used in warehouses and distribution centers to stack boxes neatly on pallets, verifying the correct product is present for every pallet, work with forklifts to load/unload materials efficiently and unburden themselves of stress during production processes. Their work can often prove daunting.

As a child, Stack was always on the lookout for fossils wherever he went. A game of horseshoes at family gatherings often turned into an opportunity to search for fossils; weekends would often find him traveling throughout Michigan in search of new sites to explore.

Stackers and material handlers often become confused, yet there are subtle distinctions between the two roles. While stackers specialize in operating electric pallet jacks, assemblers/material handlers utilize skills such as radio frequency identification (RFID), line assembly, and quality checks in their duties.

Personal Life

Jack and Charmian London are parents to two adult children and six grandchildren, and divide their time between Glen Ellen Ranch in California and their home in San Francisco. Jack serves on eleven boards and lectures to thousands on open book management practices.

Stack’s office is decorated with newspaper clippings from his company’s big wins, lining every wall. He steps into a conference room to discuss his latest business venture while laughing with colleagues over fishing misadventures. After this discussion he heads into another meeting with an executive team in order to develop an exit strategy with clients that may leave due to external circumstances. Springfield Business Journal was granted exclusive access to five local business leaders for an in-depth five-part series called “Day in the Life.”

Net Worth

Stack is one of the rare people who understands that net worth reveals your true financial state, by taking an objective approach to measuring everything they own minus everything they owe, providing an indication of long-term financial success more reliable than income alone.

Initialy, Stack was intimidated by managing International Harvester’s cynical, unionized autoworkers; however, he soon discovered how to tap into their competitive and entrepreneurial urges. Rewarding workers for meeting production goals with pizza-and-beer parties or cash bets on who could reach a new production quota first was his way of encouraging success and stimulating competition among them.

Preston Lacy, better known for his half-naked street prankster role on Jackass, reportedly boasts a net worth estimated at approximately $4 Million and has also appeared in various other television and film projects.

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