Staying Aware Of The Risk Factors That Lead To Divorce

There are many factors that can influence divorce rates. For example, couples who have received a four-year degree are more likely to stay married, while couples with lower incomes are more likely to break up. Both risk factors are interrelated. These factors can help you protect your relationship and yourself.

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling helps identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas of compatibility. It also helps you plan for the future and learn constructive communication skills. You and your partner will talk about your expectations and motivations to get married.

Red Flags Should Be Kept Out Of Your Life

If you’re a married woman or a man, it is essential to avoid red flags that can lead to divorce. While some signs of trouble in a relationship can be obvious, others may not be so obvious. For example, a partner who consistently fails to show up on time, is constantly stressed, or is exhibiting shady behavior could be a red flag. You may want to file for divorce if you see any of these signs in your spouse.

Too Young To Get Married

One recent study found that 45 percent of couples report that they got married too young. Sixty-one percent of couples also reported that at most one of their spouses was too young. Twenty-five percent said both members were too young, but the rest said they were not. Researchers found that couples who marry too young are more likely than those who marry later.

Marital Conflict

Recent research has suggested that experiencing marital conflict is a risk factor for divorce. The study involved a group of 471 young adults who were part of a longitudinal study of American marriages. The researchers found that young adults who witnessed long-term marital conflict were more likely to believe that their parents should divorce, to be tolerant of divorce, and to feel rejected at home. The study did not include data on the impact of gender and race on divorce risk.

Financial Difficulties

While many marriages last forever, some of them break up because of certain risk factors. For instance, some couples may experience a major illness, such as cancer, which can cause considerable emotional toil. Others may split because of financial troubles. Either way, these situations can lead to a divorce if they are not managed correctly.


Divorce is most often caused by infidelity. Different couples react differently to this situation. Some are more accepting of an extramarital affair, while others are more hesitant. Regardless, extramarital affairs can lead to broken trust and hurt feelings, which may result in irreconcilable differences. According to a study by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, extramarital affairs are a significant factor in divorce.

Inability To Commit

Divorce can happen for many reasons. However, most of them can be attributed to a lack or commitment. Some major reasons for divorce include: incompatibility, too much conflict and arguing, marriage too young, substance abuse, and religious differences. According to research, these reasons increase the chances of divorce, especially when both partners report a lack of commitment.

Medical Issues

One recent study looked at the role of medical issues in divorce risk. While the study did not identify any specific causes, it was found that medical conditions could cause divorce. The study also looked at gender and social differences in the experience of illness. A marriage that is troubled by a medical condition is more likely to end in divorce than one where neither of the spouses is suffering from it.

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