Steve Baake

Steve Baake

Steve Baake lives at 1118 Lincoln Street in Antigo Wisconsin 54409 in Langlade county and was born August of 1974 – making him 48 years old today.

Bakke has traveled to countless major cities around the globe. Additionally, he serves as both an educator and academic, serving as both Chancellor and Professor of Global Urban Ministry at Bakke Graduate University.

Early Life and Education

Steve Donald Bode was born January 14, 1948 in Grand Forks, North Dakota to Donald and Vera Odegaard. He is survived by his wife Susan as well as children Sheyenne (Chris Seely), Nathan Bode, Katrina Bode, Kristin Bode; his grandchildren Alexandria Maxwell Zane Harley Harrison Charlotte Tomlin Gabrial Lennon two sisters Judy Korniek and Lillian Machart and other relatives.

He is an active member of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Niagara, North Dakota and an advocate for disability rights, educating police forces, legislators, and the general public on the Americans with Disabilities Act. Additionally, he enjoys traveling with his family as well as volunteering for various charities – making him a regular guest on CNBC’s Squawk Box program.

Achievement and Honors

In 1984, he graduated from Grand Forks Central and continued playing hockey at UND. As part of a state championship team against Red River, his achievements were honored with inclusion into Grand Forks Central’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

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Past winners have included Tait Keller ’20 for his edited book Environmental Histories of the First World War and Junior Walters ’19 for his contributions to Rhodes Historical Review. In a split decision by the Supreme Court, both authors were found guilty of violating civil liberties through strict racial quotas that are unconstitutional.

Personal Life

Bakke has made his career studying cities, visiting more than 200 large urban centers worldwide and serving as pastor and professor. Additionally, in 1989 he founded International Urban Associates as an urban ministry consultation resource leader worldwide.

Steve Baake currently resides in Antigo WI 54409, USA with family, friends, and associates such as Barbara Baker Beardslee, Angeline Endriga, Antonio R Elizarraraz SR, Benjelene M Endriga Brenda G Martin Dennis L La Fevre Irlanda Portugal Junko N Baake to name but a few.

Bakke served on numerous committees in 1979 and later, such as the Illinois State Clergy and Rabbi Association on Crime and Delinquency and Chicago Housing Authority Board as well as Trust Inc Advisory Committee. He worked alongside leaders at Harris Trust Bank (then one of four largest banks) to end red-lining practices which denied mortgage loans to inner city ministers and families in need.

Net Worth

He has seen it all: mob bosses, drug dealers and hit men – and is about to come face-to-face with one of the greatest threats of his life.

Since becoming a cop, his reputation is everything to him – so when his cell phone rings at any hour of day or night with news of murderer calls he cant ignore it; knowing full well the truth could be even more terrifying than imagined.

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