Steve Baldridge

Steve Baldridge

Stephen Baldridge is a licensed Master Social Worker. Since 2011, he has directed Abilene Christian University’s undergraduate social work program as Director. Now serving as Assistant Dean for Baccalaureate Social Work Education.

Over 50 organizations have relied on him to assess their management systems using the Baldrige criteria for performance excellence and receive coaching on leadership development as well as writing projects.

Early Life and Education

Steve Baldridge is a geologist and educator specializing in Southwest geology, field geology and Earth-system history at Arizona State University. Additionally, he conducts public outreach on this topic for national parks, state parks and other public lands through Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

He obtained both his Bachelor and Masters in Social Work from Lubbock Christian University. Additionally, his Masters and PhD degrees came from the University of Texas at Arlington. His areas of research interest include family stability and child behavioral outcomes as well as evidence-based practice, Applied Behavior Analysis and baccalaureate social work education.

He is a member of both the Virginia Bar and California Bar, as well as being approved for Hyatt Legal Services and Legal Shield. Additionally, he serves as counsel to the Buena Vista City Council.

Professional Career

Steve Baldridge has over two decades of experience working in higher education. He specializes in research, presentations and teaching pedagogy; currently his projects involve investigating and implementing best practices for mobile learning on college campuses.

He currently serves as President of BASE Structural Engineering, which he established in 1995. His firm strives to find innovative yet cost-efficient ways of making buildings stronger and safer while simultaneously cutting costs. Furthermore, he remains active within civic and professional organizations while remaining open-minded toward emerging technologies while showing leadership across all aspects of design and construction industry.

Steve specializes in high-rises as well as buildings located in areas prone to extreme seismicity and hurricane/tornado risk, protective design and has served as the technical director for ATC’s Protective Design chapter.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Baldridge was honored by the Hawaiian Society of Professional Engineers as 2021 Engineer of the Year for his contributions as founder and leader of BASE since 1995. BASE strives for innovation as well as practical approaches that strengthen and secure buildings while keeping costs in check.

His paintings expand upon age-old paper marbling techniques to produce abstract works with concealed texts based on subculture slang and text abbreviations used by teens, appearing within dense eddies of acrylic paint reminiscent of both control and material randomness.

Since 2009, Dr. Hoyt has served on faculty at Abilene Christian University and as Director of their undergraduate social work program from 2011-2020. Additionally, he served as Assistant Dean for College of Education and Human Services and obtained a master social worker license in Texas prior to that role. Furthermore, he holds memberships with Council on Social Work Education and North American Association of Christians in Social Work.

Personal Life

Steve Baldridge is an active family man. Married and father to three, he enjoys watching football together with his family.

Steve Baldridge provides his clients with an array of legal services. He works closely with both state and local educational entities, helping parents and students resolve disputes through informal channels; when necessary he also represents clients in court proceedings.

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