Steve Barger

Steve Barger

Steven Barger is a veteran executive in both multi-employer and construction industries, serving trade associations in their lobbying, legislative, and governmental affairs matters through Steve Barger Consulting LLC.

He is an accomplished nature photographer and often competes in endurance events. His photography has been showcased both locally and nationally in magazines.

Early Life and Education

Steve Barger was an esteemed consultant, providing assistance and advice to trade associations, trust funds and employers on issues of risk management, legislative affairs, fiduciary responsibilities and employee benefits. A former President of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans he now sits on its Multi-Employer Value Based Health Plan Committee as well as being part of Kentucky State District Council of Carpenters Health and Welfare Pension Annuity Training Trust Funds.He leaves behind his wife Geri, daughter Nicole and siblings as he enjoyed sports watching them watching them as well as traveling, watching them both watching them as much as he could! His humble soul always did his best when helping out whenever he could!

Professional Career

He seeks to capture rare wildlife behavior that might otherwise go undetected, even in remote environments like heavy snowfall. When in these environments, he uses powerful zoom lenses as protection both for himself and the animals he photographs.

Steve is a Managing Member of his own firm that assists unions, multi-employer trust funds and employers with legislative, labor and governmental affairs as well as employee benefits and risk management consulting.

Steve graduated from DMACC’s Ankeny campus and shortly after joined the Iowa State Troopers, serving high-level assignments such as criminal investigation and narcotics enforcement. Additionally, he has served on various professional, trade, and volunteer boards. Outside of work he enjoys coaching youth baseball, softball, and basketball teams.

Personal Life

Steve Barger was an enthusiastic supporter of local and international aid organizations. Additionally, both Steve and Geri were heavily engaged with yoga and meditation practices.

He has traveled to some of the most remote corners of North America and Europe in pursuit of wildlife photography, taking photographs that showcase its subjects with patience, perseverance and great respect for them.

He employs an 800mm lens with teleconverter in order to take his photographs safely far away from animals without disturbing their natural environments.

He hopes his work will encourage more people to appreciate Earth’s irreplaceable wildlife and to protect it – unlike many other photographers whose photography may often be negatively framed. His images tend to be positive and upbeat in nature.

Net Worth

Barger has become one of the Hells Angels Motorcycle club icons, earning income through merchandise sales, event sponsorships and partnerships as well as public appearances and speaking engagements that bring in additional revenues. His numerous books also contribute to his wealth. Barger’s fortune serves as proof that living a self-reliant and passionate life pays dividends financially.

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