Steve Barkley

Steve Barkley – A Look at a Prominent NBA Player

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Early Life and Education

Barkley has no compunction when it comes to speaking his mind – whether he’s towing his mother’s garbage cans, slapping a fan in the face or tossing an entire pizza onto a photo shoot! There is no constituency to appease, no agenda to push forward or political opponents he must silence – his opinions will always remain his own.

Barkley is known for his bold, humorous, and often controversial commentary in sports broadcasting. Inspired by Muhammad Ali and blessed with immense down-home wisdom, his words inspired millions. Barkley credits Herbert Green as his high school coach who got him on college recruiter circuit and turned 6-foot-9 rookie into force of nature who drained shots like Heavy D and dunked on anyone – eventually being the most feared player on basketball court during senior year at high school! Only once his team lost against him.

Professional Career

Even with his diminutive frame, Barkley quickly rose to become one of the premier power forwards in the league. Averaging 22.3 points and 11.6 rebounds per game during his inaugural year with the Sixers, Barkley was recognized with All-Star status.

Barkley led Philadelphia to three playoff appearances during his eight years there but never managed to win an NBA championship. Due to his outspoken nature and ongoing feuds with other players, however, he became unpopular among Philadelphia front office management; consequently he was traded away to Phoenix.

His move revitalized his career, and the “Dream Team” he helped form at the Barcelona Olympics helped respark global interest in basketball. Since retiring from playing he has become a beloved studio analyst on TNT’s NBA coverage as well as hosting “Inside the NBA.” Additionally he also offers his own line of signature shoes.

Achievement and Honors

Barkley was widely considered one of the greatest power forwards in NBA history, averaging 14 points per game and 10 rebounds throughout his 16-year tenure in the league.

Though his teams never managed to win championships, they often appeared in playoff contention and he has donated millions to both his alma maters and local community causes.

Barkley has made multiple TV appearances and commercials, such as Capital One March Madness commercial alongside Samuel L. Jackson, Spike Lee and Jim Nantz. Recently he’s made waves with FanDuel commercial featuring himself and a younger version of himself; definitely check it out!

Personal Life

Barkley had just finished playing his final game and appeared much quieter than usual; tiredness had set in, making this abrupt conclusion an unexpected one.

At Suns, Barkley developed into a leader. He would motivate other players and bring out their best performances; though he never managed to win an NBA championship himself, his presence helped the team become one of contention.

He earned four All-Star selections during his 16 years in the league and made three Olympic teams, and eventually, after being traded to Houston Rockets, retired with 20,399 points, 14,409 rebounds and 4,529 assists – one of four players ever to accomplish both feats simultaneously!

Net Worth

Barkley remains one of the greatest players in NBA history despite his harsh remarks towards teammates, averaging 22.1 points and 11.7 rebounds during 16-years on three teams: Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets.

He made an estimated annual NBA salary of $9 Million during his time playing. After retiring, he currently makes money as a contributor for TNT covering March Madness and Inside the NBA coverage.

Philanthropic works are also among his priorities. For instance, during the coronavirus pandemic he announced that he would donate a large sum to hospitals to cover staffing costs; and has made huge gifts to schools including giving $1 Million gifts to Leeds High School Alabama Corningstone Schools of Alabama and Auburn University.

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