Steve Bohl

A Profile of Steve Bohl

He currently coaches Wyoming of the Mountain West Conference as head football coach until 2024 and his military education includes both MEB and Engineer Pre-Command Courses as well as Army Command and General Staff College. Furthermore, he commands 164 Engineer Battalion.

He points to an appetite among western suburbs residents for condominium living, noting that over 50 percent of Regatta units have already been sold so far.

Early Life and Education

Marilyn J. Bohl dreamt of becoming a sports writer as a young girl living in rural Iowa; however, her high school guidance counselor advised against it and advised instead pursuing more practical studies like science and mathematics before ultimately becoming an accomplished professor and author.

Stefan is a software engineer at Sourcegraph, where he works on data pipelines and low-latency, high-throughput microservices. Stefan enjoys coding, cooking and spending time with his family.

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Professional Career

He has built his career around an ethical commitment to communities, neighborhoods and individuals he works with. His positive and upbeat leadership style creates a comfortable working environment where his team strives to exceed client expectations.

Bohl has proven his mettle as a coach at North Dakota State, leading the Bison to three consecutive FCS national titles during his 11-year tenure there.

Bohl successfully translated his system from North Dakota State to Wyoming, where he has led them to three consecutive conference championships and bowl appearances. Though transition hasn’t been easy, Bohl remains confident in his system’s effectiveness at FBS level; furthermore he thinks game has evolved in ways which actually benefitted it.

Achievement and Honors

After an impressive high school career, Steve received several scholarship offers and chose Grace Bible College as his destination of choice. There, he developed his work ethic and competitive spirit – both qualities which would serve him well throughout his life and career.

As head coach at North Dakota State, Bohl is widely respected for his dedication to his players and community. He takes part in various charitable efforts like Jason’s Foundation which fights youth suicide; Coach to Cure MD campaign; and visiting Sanford Children’s Hospital Fargo to boost children spirits.

He is an ardent supporter of military veterans, often hosting them for football games. Additionally, he teaches a Sunday school class and leads his team in prayer before each game. When not teaching or leading prayer services he enjoys fishing and skiing and visiting his three children whenever possible.

Personal Life

As a high school freshman in rural Iowa, Bohl was advised by her guidance counselor against her aspiration of becoming a sports writer. Undaunted, Bohl pursued this unique path by writing computing textbooks and rising through senior software industry leadership ranks.

As soon as she arrived at North Dakota State in 2003, her initial priority was transitioning the program from Division II to Division I. But she had more in mind than simply that task – “I envisioned myself doing better as head coach than assistant,” she reveals.

He lives in Wayzata with his wife and two children and enjoys fly fishing in his free time. Additionally, he is an accomplished skier with a strong belief in respecting the environments, communities and individuals that he develops for.

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