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uFlexReward CEO – Steve Brink

Steve Brink serves as President and Chief Revenue Officer of uFlexReward, with an impressive track record in managing financial operations for public and private apparel companies during periods of rapid expansion. At Quiksilver he doubled revenues in eleven years; seven years later at NYDJ Apparel his revenues had more than doubled again.

Brink holds a firm belief that there are no obstacles which cannot be surmounted with determination, industry and courage – and his life exemplifies this conviction.

Early Life and Education

Brink was raised in a harsh family in rural Pennsylvania. At an early age, he made up his mind to achieve education for himself. With determination and hard work in nightshift jobs at grain elevators, foundries, and machine shops while attending classes during the daytime hours at Millersville University; Brink eventually earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology there in 2001 and also served as assistant coach at Messiah College and Carlisle High School.

Professional Career

Steve has served as an Information and Software Partner at Mercer since 1990. Working globally, he is often called upon as a speaker on international HR issues and trends.

He currently serves as President and Chief Revenue Officer of uFlexRewards, a global total rewards platform which aggregates disparate data silos into a real-time system for analysis and communication, bringing multiple silos together into one real-time system for analysis. As President and CRO he oversees growth by adding new clients, partnerships, resellers, etc.

He serves on the boards of Bbot (acquired by DoorDash), Carrot, Checkly, Gtmhub, Lokalise and Squire as well as being an active investor through CRV in SaaS and marketplace companies. LegiStorm Pro subscribers can view which offices Steven Brink (Steve) works in as well as his contact details – click here or log into your LegiStorm Pro account now to subscribe or log in!

Achievement and Honors

Steven Dux is a testament to perseverance and determination. After coming to America with one goal in mind – to make his father proud – he managed to achieve that objective while becoming one of the leading precision engineering and manufacturing specialists.

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Through his career, Steven has participated in various research projects. These have included developing the large optics diamond turning machine and improving fabrication technology at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Steven also assisted in creating high-precision interferometry, was instrumental in early laser material research development, strengthened Aerotech’s leadership position globally while his ethical governance has greatly benefitted local communities as well as engineering students worldwide. For his contributions in diamond turning, machine control, ultra-precision dimension measurement as well as winning awards and receiving recognition he has received various awards and recognitions throughout his career.

Personal Life

Steven Brink was instrumental in stimulating robust job and economic development in North Gardena during his term on the City Council, increasing employee salaries without raising taxes, stabilizing its budget when it was $27 million in debt, and securing millions in federal funds for North Gardena residents.

Brink has published several essays on Afrikaner language and literature during her two decade long career, such as Perspective en Profiel: an Overview of Afrikaanse Letterkunde published by Human & Rousseau (Cape Town, South Africa) in 1982; and Literatuur in die Stridperk: an Inducement into Reading Narrative Texts published by Academica (Pretoria South Africa) in 1985.

Net Worth

Aaron Brink has amassed a fortune through his martial arts and boxing careers. He has competed in 52 different mixed martial arts fighting championships and currently holds the Interim Heavyweight Champion status for Gladiator Challenge promotion.

He has appeared in various South African films such as Dollars and White Pipes, Swop!, Mega Python Vs Gatoroid. Additionally, he is widely known for his portrayal of Bradley Paulse on Generations television soap opera.

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