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Steve Cichon – A Buffalo Native and Curator of the Buffalo Stories Archive

Steve Cichon hails from Buffalo and takes great pleasure in helping visitors experience his hometown. He has an insatiable interest in Western New York pop culture history and curates The Buffalo Stories archives – decades’ worth of books, newspapers, images, audio/visual media etc.

He is well-known for his outstanding run-blocking ability in gap schemes as well as his brute strength that allows him to hold off defenders. His high ceiling and versatility makes him an appealing prospect.

Early Life and Education

He has dedicated his career to showing others around the city he so deeply loves. To do so, he curated the Buffalo Stories archive, with over 10,000 books, newspapers and images that depict Western New York’s pop culture history.

He graduated with a dual degree in Communications and Sports Business from Mercyhurst University. Additionally, he studied at SUNY Oswego and UB’s School of Management.

Steve loves golfing, going to Buffalo Bills or Sabres games and taking Allie for runs or fetch games with him. Additionally, he enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures and cuisines around the globe. For four years now, Steve has also served as part-time play by play announcer for Canisius College NCAA Division 1 hockey and lacrosse teams.

Professional Career

Steve Tasker earned many accolades during his thirteen-year NFL career, becoming one of its premier special teamers and playing in seven Pro Bowls while earning multiple All-Pro honors and numerous All-Faith honors. Steve attributes some of this success to rugby;

Tasker was taken aback when Houston Oilers picked him in the ninth round of 1985 NFL Draft and quickly became a fan and team favorite.

Marv Levy recognized Tasker’s potential and took him under his wing. He taught Tasker how to block punts and become an integral component in Buffalo’s offense – eventually becoming one of their cornerstone players during their success during the ’80s and ’90s era.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Buffalo has long been recognized in the Buffalo area. He has worked hard to build his career while helping others do the same, earning numerous accolades including Antioch College’s J.D. Dawson award.

He is also an enthusiastic supporter of the military and Golden Buffalo Battalion, leading or advising the BolderBOULDER Memorial Day Ceremony for decades ensuring it remains dignified and respectful event. Cadets and non-commissioned officers should aspire to emulate him as their leader.

He is an acclaimed improviser and multi-wind instrumentalist, performing with groups such as 12/8 Path Band, Genkin Philharmonic and Ubudis Quartet as well as solo as Steve Baczkowski. His works have been showcased at countless galleries and exhibitions worldwide.

Personal Life

Steve Buffalo currently resides in West Seneca, NY with his wife and border collie. An avid traveler, Steve enjoys experiencing new cultures and cuisines. His passion for food led to him serving as Director of Food at Buffalo Rising publication as well as volunteering his time for Haseks Hero’s charity for underprivileged youth and Amherst youth hockey leagues in NY.

Steve enjoys performing guitar and singing his original songs on local stages. With an extensive history in broadcasting – most notably as play-by-play announcer for Canisius College NCAA Division I Hockey from 2006 – 2010; host for Empire Sports Network; as well as hosting CBS and regional sports events and speaking about family history writing, nonfiction writing and more; Steve is well regarded.

Net Worth

Net worth measures the total assets minus liabilities held by an individual and provides a better indication of financial health than income alone, as income may fluctuate due to job loss or unexpected expenses.

Stephen Stills is one of the best-known musicians of his generation. He co-founded two iconic rock bands – Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – which helped popularize folk rock in the 1960s. Stills sold millions of albums over his long musical career and tours extensively today.

Terry Pegula, who used $850 million of state and county taxpayer funds to build the new Buffalo Bills stadium, is the fourth richest person in the world. He amassed his fortune as chairman of East Resources Fracking Inc and now owns both teams: Buffalo Sabres and Bills. In 2014 Forbes listed Pegula 128th among America’s 400 richest individuals.

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