Steve Calderone

The Honest Kitchen Hires Steve Calderone and Mike Albano

The Honest Kitchen recently hired two senior executives to improve its operational and financial efficiencies. Steve Calderone will serve as Chief Operations Officer while Mike Albano will head finance, business intelligence and human resource activities at The Honest Kitchen.

Sonic Houston maintains that they are exempt from the Consumer Financial Protection Act due to primarily financing cars rather than selling them, while Calderone claims he confronted multiple supervisors and managers regarding any discriminatory practices before reporting it back to Sonic.

Early Life and Education

Calderone had an uneven first semester but is back on track and working hard. His success can be attributed to being open with professors about seeking assistance; additionally, his Native American studies experience is helping build connections that will last long after graduation.

Calderone will be greatly missed by his wife, Jennifer; sons Michael Lillard and Kimberly Walsh; grandson Brody; daughters-in-law Stephanie and Nicole as well as grandsons Connor and Jaxon. He loved riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle and spending time with his friends; all who knew and loved him will miss him dearly; however a private celebration of life will take place shortly. Donations can also be made in his memory to Monterey County SPCA.

Professional Career

Steven has been involved with jiu jitsu for over 15 years and competes regularly in both gi and no-gi events, winning multiple times across both disciplines. His training was under Rodrigo and Royce Gracie as well as at RGLA where he currently teaches their kids program.

Former competitor and now coaching the men’s fencing team at UC San Diego, he led them to 13th place at NCAA Championships – their best performance ever! In his inaugural year as head coach.

Calderone also found success working in music production and remixing for Beyonce, Madonna, Whitney Houston and others, including producing and remixing “Give It Up,” his hard house anthem that reached No.1 on Billboard charts and launched his meteoric rise to stardom. Additionally, his Sensory Mix of Madonna’s “Don’t Tell Me” as well as Calderone & Quayle Dark Side Mix of “What It Feels Like for a Girl” gained critical acclaim.

Achievement and Honors

Calderone recently celebrated his 100th birthday and is now the oldest living Pearl Harbor survivor. He remains active, sharing his stories and experiences with others while traveling and listening to music.

Calderone began his dance music career performing at various nightclubs across New York City, such as Roxy. However, his big break came when Ingrid Casares invited him to be resident Saturday Night DJ at Miami hotspot Liquid.

Calderone served his term in the state Senate as both chairman of the Finance and Insurance Committees, member of the Governmental Efficiency Commission and Public Works Committee as well as being affiliated with both Democratic Party.

Personal Life

Steven Thomas Calderone (beeko), was taken from us on August 11th 2020 at age 61 due to chronic health issues; yet even while sick he continued writing beautiful poetry and music.

Calderone claims Sonic Houston JLR, L.P. fired him as retaliation for reporting of racial discrimination; specifically Sonic’s practice of barring black shoppers from purchasing Land Rover vehicles. He has filed suit alleging this as being discriminatory against him as a whistleblower.

The company strongly denies it has such a policy. Michael Mitchell of Ogletree Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart in Houston dismissed these allegations as being baseless and denied that Calderone had ever engaged in acts of insubordination. To find phone numbers and addresses click on any state with flashing points.

Net Worth

HoopShype estimates that an NBA player has an estimated net worth between $20-25 Million. Their main source of earnings comes from playing in the league as well as brand endorsements and TV commercials.

Calderone first uploaded videos to YouTube in 2009 and since then he has created various heavy metal covers of popular songs from movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean by Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer, such as their He’s A Pirate cover from that first video.

Since 2010, he has made two trades of PTSI stock. On 12 February 2014, he exercised 14,000 units worth $160,160 as part of an exercise to become a director at PTSI and as an exercise. Furthermore, his expertise extends to corporate income tax matters, partnership income tax issues, international taxation, financial reporting requirements, tax controversies and budgeting issues.

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