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Diabetes Lawyer – Steve Cooksey

As someone living with diabetes himself, Steve Cooksey started blogging to offer support and assistance to other diabetics. Unfortunately, US dieticians soon challenged his blog with efforts to shut him up.

They read his writings with a red pen and informed him what could and couldn’t be said without an appropriate license from the state.

Early Life and Education

Cooksey graduated from Gerstmeyer High School in Terre Haute, Indiana and secured a scholarship at Indiana State University where he excelled as a track and field athlete – winning multiple NCAA Championships as a high jumper as well as earning All-American recognition for the Sycamores.

He currently teaches at Amite School Center in Liberty, Mississippi where his quick wit and sense of humor has quickly made him popular with both students and teachers. Furthermore, his exquisite woodworking abilities often find their way into creations for friends and family members alike.

Alongside his academic career, Dr. Anderson has also established a legal career. This experience includes work as a law clerk for a federal judge as well as being an associate at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP in Washington, DC. Dr. Anderson received both his B.A. in economics (summa cum laude) from Truman State University and JD from University of Chicago Law School.

Professional Career

Cooksey earned NCAA Division I All-American status for high jump and long jump at Indiana State, setting school records in both events while graduating with high honors and joining the Order of the Coif.

In 2011, the North Carolina Board of Dietetics and Nutrition sent him a letter alleging that his website and free advice violated state law requiring licensed dietetic professionals to offer dietetic advice. Their executive director also sent along a 19-page printout marked up in red ink to draw his attention to areas of concern on his site.

Cooksey’s lawyers maintain that the state board’s actions are unconstitutional, citing how the First Amendment protects his dietary advice and it being unreasonable for government agencies to require licensing before censoring ordinary citizens.

Achievement and Honors

Cooksey has extensive experience representing both public and private clients on matters pertaining to constitutional law, federal courts and judicial nominations. Additionally, he serves as an adjunct professor at George Washington University Law School.

He currently practices at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP in Washington D.C. He primarily advises Senator Josh Hawley in matters related to constitutional law and judicial nominations.

He coaches both Navy cross country and track and field teams, leading both to multiple Patriot League titles under his direction. He has produced world junior and collegiate champions; was head coach of the United States World Indoor Championship team; has worked with 18 NCAA qualifiers and three All-Americans, in addition to coaching on several U.S. national teams.

Personal Life

Cooksey was a beloved father, husband, and grandfather who enjoyed hunting, birding, classic rock music and classic movies. Known for his quick wit and many friends whom he counted among them; he passed away peacefully at his Amherst Ohio residence at age 68.

After learning how diabetes impacts individuals, he made the decision to drastically cut carbohydrates and begin an exercise regime. Within one month, his blood sugar had normalized without needing insulin or medication and switched to what has become known as “The Caveman Diet”, consisting of meats, fish, eggs, leafy green vegetables without agricultural grains or sugars as ingredients.

The state Board of Dietetics/Nutrition then sent him a letter warning him against providing dietary advice without being licensed, and the executive director sent pages from his blog annotated with red ink showing where there were issues.

Net Worth

After his grandmother died from diabetes, Cooksey adopted the Paleo diet, which enabled him to be free of both drugs and insulin within 30 days. He started blogging about his experiences to spread awareness. Others could follow suit by reading and following along.

He starred in multiple movies and television shows, as well as voice-acting for various video game characters. However, his most recognized role is as Tim in Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, and Edward Furlong’s 1991 science fiction action movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

The state board reviewed his blog with a red pen, marking instances where Cooksey claimed expertise in dietetics or nutrition. Cooksey did not believe he broke any laws as he didn’t represent himself as either dietitian or nutritionist and provided no professional services.

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