Steve Crossen

Steve Crossen, 77, of Ashland, Ohio, Passes Away

Steve Crossen is a Venture Partner with FirstMinute Capital focused on AI and Deep Tech investments, as well as Executive in Residence at Atomico to advise portfolio company founders on product and go-to-market strategies. Prior to that, he led product for DeepMind Google products like AlphaFold, Data Center Optimization and Assistant.

Early Life and Education

Tamara Crossen was a lifelong resident of Ashland. After graduating high school she joined Assembly of God Church where she served as Sunday school super attendant; also working at Darlings Store fixtures of Corning Arkansas as supervisor; enjoying cardinal baseball and her grandchildren immensely. Tamara leaves behind sons Dan Crossen (wife Jillian) Scott Ainley (Scott and Mary Ainley of Neelyville Missouri), brother Tim Ainley (and wife Peggy of Sullivan Missouri) as well as five grandchildren after she was predeceased by both parents.

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Professional Career

Steve Crossen has been practicing real estate appraising since 1970 and has completed, supervised or reviewed over 10,000 appraisals for both public and private clients across 40 states as well as Puerto Rico spanning every type of property (including partial interests).

Atomico recently hired him as an Executive-in-Residence to focus on AI and Deep Tech, working closely with portfolio company founders on product and Go-To-Market strategy for AI/Deep Tech companies. Prior to that he led Product at DeepMind where its technology was integrated directly into Google – from Data Centre Optimization to Protein Folding and the Google Assistant, reporting directly to its founders.

He currently serves as both a Venture Partner with Firstminute Capital and Advisor to GlaxoSmithKline regarding AI technology. Prior to that he founded and led two startups in London.

Achievement and Honors

He has won multiple awards and honors throughout his career, such as Hubbard Classic and Hubbard H1 Parent Stock Flock of the Year awards, as well as winning first prize at Rehoboth Beach Short Story Contest 2014 for his creative story entitled, The Case of the Artist’s Stain (which brings Sherlock Holmes right down to Rehoboth Beach!).

He is an active member of the Assembly of God Church in Corning, Arkansas where he serves as Sunday School super attendant. Additionally, he enjoys fishing, Cardinal baseball and spending time with his grandchildren.

He is survived by Valerie Crossen of Plentywood; sons Cory and Jann Benson from Plentywood; daughters Tamara and Brianne Crossen both from Ashland; siblings David Crossen of Billings Montana, and Gary and Carol Crossen both from Corning.

Personal Life

Walsh claimed Crossen threatened his career unless he assisted them. Rush and Donahue informed Walsh that their investigation into the Demoulas litigation had already progressed enough that they already possessed evidence such as affidavits and tape recordings from witnesses.

He further claimed the hearing officer made an error by applying Fishman mechanically, thus disallowing an associate’s research. Yet Crossen was in control of preparing for the New York interview preparations, including instructing Rush to remove LaBonte as his repetitive questions may make Walsh suspicious.

On June 11, Crossen, Donahue and Arthur T. participated in an emergency meeting of defense counsel held at Barshak’s office; this meeting focused on whether to rely on affidavits for proof or conduct and tape record a ruse interview in New York.

Net Worth

He has completed, supervised, or reviewed valuations of thousands of real estate assets across the United States for clients ranging from individuals, public organizations and institutions. His experience includes appraising all types of properties such as land, buildings, governmental assets and partial interests.

Crosson has made remarkable achievements while in prison: earning a college degree, training as a chef and electrician, teaching yoga classes and mentoring other inmates with mental health or substance abuse issues. According to him, his only chance at freedom before parole date lies with getting governor clemency for himself.

Steven has bought and sold Bed, Bath & Beyond stock at least 38 times since 2004. On May 5, 2017 alone he exercised 96,109 units.

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