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Steve Flooring – A Jack of All Trades

Steve Flooring is an expert at many trades, having participated in various careers before finally finding his calling refinishing and installing wood floors. He takes immense pleasure in his work.

Mannington Commercial understands the impact floors can have on setting the atmosphere in any environment – be it a doctor’s office, hospital suite or common area at a rehab facility. From doctor’s offices and hospital suites to rehab facility common rooms – Mannington Commercial recognizes how vitally important floors can be to setting an impressionable impression for visitors and residents.

Early Life and Education

Steve Schmid put his entrepreneurial abilities to use during high school by starting a lawn-mowing and painting homes business and working as a volunteer firefighter and 7th grade teacher before going on to create Footprints Floors.

Hard work and determination enabled him to build his business into a thriving franchise that provides quality hardwood flooring services in Madison area. Backed by an excellent support network, his focus now is expanding it further.

The Schmids and their team offer both new wood floor sales and installations as well as refinishing existing ones, working on projects as diverse as Madonna Inn in Santa Maria to Ashley furniture showroom in Orcutt and many private residences along the Central Coast. Their inventory features both domestic and exotic wood species.

Professional Career

Steve has extensive experience managing various positions within the flooring industry. These range from warehouse management, installation, ownership and extensive expertise in acoustical and commercial applications.

As an independent flooring contractor, he works on projects of all sizes. With his proven track record of on time and on budget completion of projects and expertise in installing, sanding and finishing hardwood floors allowing him to provide customers with exceptional service, his customers always come first!

His career in flooring as an all-round jack of all trades has brought him to Footprints Floors in Mesa, Arizona. With such a diverse background comes the ability to bring change across the industry as a whole. When not at work he enjoys working out and spending quality time with family.

Achievement and Honors

United Airlines awarded them with a Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Design award for their project with Mr. David’s Flooring International, featuring two local union installers from Local 1185 who were also members of Local.

One of Steven’s proudest accomplishments is maintaining business longevity and stability since 1989. He credits this success to hard work, dedication, and loyalty as the primary contributors.

One major accomplishment was weathering the 2008-2010 recession and depression by cutting costs and hours, ultimately experiencing consecutive record sales and being extremely appreciative to both customers and staff alike. They are an example for other businesses to follow as they take care of each other as individuals and work cohesively toward meeting goals together.

Personal Life

Steve is a master of all trades, using his extensive background to bring transformation both within the flooring industry and his local community. He appreciates Footprints Floors’ faith-based business model and believes he can expand his Madison-area franchise with regular training opportunities, webinars, and an encouraging network.

Outside of work, Steve enjoys putting his personal training certifications to good use and spending time with his family – his wife April has given birth to Alli and Joe while Steve himself owns two German shepherd dogs.

Coles Fine Flooring of San Diego has been owned and operated by him and his brother George since 1947. Their daughter Lauren will continue with their commitment to quality selection at competitive prices with unrivaled service.

Net Worth

He is known for his attention to customer needs and quick identification of their requirements. With an experienced team of flooring specialists ready to assist in any project imaginable – be it an entire house recarpeted or just one room/office covered – you will receive top quality service at competitive pricing.

Kurt started his career at RC Willey as a flooring sales manager, learning to listen and meet customer needs with a smile. His parents taught him the value of hard work and respecting customers; Kurt adopted their philosophy: be honest, treat each customer with dignity and track expenses closely.

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